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Farragut resident opens BBQ

Dean Powell, Farragut resident, spends much of his time off Middlebrook Pike these days.

He recently opened TD’s Barbecue at 5306 N. Middlebrook Pike with his silent partner.

“We chose this area because with all the manufacturing down here, we had a captivated audience that needed a solid lunch place. And we knew once we got the lunch off the ground, we could be successful,” he added.

TD’s has been serving breakfast for a little more than two weeks. Powell added that he would like to eventually expand the business to include catering.

All of the restaurant’s meat is smoked on the outdoor smoker “We provide the smell to the community at no charge. It’s our best advertiser,” Powell said.

The restaurant serves pulled pork, sliced beef brisket, turkey breast, baby back ribs and half a chicken.

Powell said the partners created the recipes for the dry rubs, sauces, side items and banana pudding.

The restaurant serves a Carolina sweet sauce and a spicy sauce. Unlike many other barbecue places, Powell does not serve any barbecue with the sauce already on it and said this practice sets his restaurant apart.

Customers “enjoy the taste of barbecue by itself and they like having the option of putting [the sauce] on themselves rather than it already being there,” Powell added.

The restaurant is decorated in orange and white and painted yellow “because it makes people hungry,” Powell said.

The orange and white is, of course, because “everyone here loves U-T football,” he added.

Besides UT memorabilia, the restaurant is decorated with sports items from West Knox County schools, including Farragut, Bearden and Catholic. Powell’s son, Curt, is shortstop for the Farragut High School baseball team.

“We like being a little precocious ... We would love to franchise the restaurant someday, and the orange and white could be blue and gray in Farragut or whatever to fit into the tradition already there,” Powell said.

He laughed as he admitted that the name of the restaurant is a bit of a riddle.

Powell hinted that TD could stand for touchdown. Certainly, the restaurant’s logo leads you to think so.

“If you see the logo, it’s a goal-post with a little pig shaped like a football going through the goalposts,” Powell said.

The logo was painted by local artist Gale Lee-Hinton, who decorates grocery store and bank windows with painted murals.

“It was just an idea that I had in my head and I told Gale exactly what I wanted to do and she sketched it out just as we were standing there talking. I can’t say enough about Gale: what a great gal,” Powell said.

Hinton also painted the logo inside the restaurant within a mural.

Powell works at TD’s with six employees. Powell, a former owner of a health club chain, said that profit-sharing is a good business practice.

“You want your employees to know that they’re a part of the business,” he said.

Breakfast starts at 6 a.m. and continues until 10:30 a.m. Lunch and dinner are served from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information, call 865-247-6653.


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