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Pay it forward ...

Yesterday I witnessed something truly amazing. It was simple, yet left such an indelible impression on me.

I work at Starbucks in the Turkey Creek shopping center. Yesterday I was in the drive-thru window and a gentleman unselfishly and humbly began something truly extraordinary as he handed me his card to pay for his order and told me (without even asking their totals) to pay for the two orders behind him.

As far as I know this man did not even know the people behind him. What then occurred was truly amazing as one car after another, touched by someone else’s generosity, generously paid for the vehicle behind them.

After three or four cars I lost count, but the giving continued.

What touched me was the random and unselfish act of kindness that one man began.

Unless he is reading this he will probably never see the fruit of his kindhearted spirit. It then caused me to think how one small human touch can affect people’s lives in extraordinary ways.

Often we hear, see, and read about negative news that I felt it necessary to write about this example of a random act of kindness being displayed in real life. It also reminds me to ask myself, you the editor, and your readers what contribution of kindness you or I have made in someone else’s life today.

This man left us one example but the possibilities and ways to show kindness are truly endless and inexhaustible. What truly matters is the heart behind it, and when one gives cheerfully lives are touched … Perhaps even the life of a perfect stranger.


Lee Lockwood



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