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Center businesses to move in this month

Campbell Station Center, off Campbell Station Road, is nearing completion and landlord Bob Pollock expects the first tenants to begin moving in within the next month.

“My guess is that it would be mid- to late April. At this point, I’ll say late April … it’ll be fun,” said Pollock, who previously owned Farragut Center, off Kingston Pike across from Village Green Shopping Center.

The Center will hold an eclectic mix of stores, restaurants and shops.

“We have leased 2,400 square feet to Dunkin’ Donuts, 3,600 square feet to Family Book Outlet, 1,200 square feet to Taco Delmar, 1,200 to a nail salon and 1,200 to an Asian restaurant,” said Jean Clarke, a Sperry Van Ness RM Moore commercial real estate agent for the project.

Two spaces within the building are vacant, but Pollock and Clarke hope to lease the final spaces in the next few weeks.

“[Pollock] is supposed to deliver the space to the businesses around the second week of April, so I would anticipate [businesses opening] in midsummer,” Clarke said.

“It takes, I’d say, definitely 60 days for them to get the space ready and usually by 90 they’re definitely settled in,” Clarke said.

“They’re going to have to do the decor and also if they have any additional build-out, like dressing rooms or stock rooms or a buffet kind of area. And then all of their kitchen supplies and for them to order all of that.

“Some people have been signed since April, and they’re ready to go. Others just signed two months ago.

“They’re all going to be on different time schedules,” Clarke added.

“And they’ll have to get their C-O too, their certificate of occupancy.

“Honestly, with the permitting, if you get it in at the right time, you can get your permit two days later. It just depends on when you get everything in,” she said.

Dunkin’ Donuts’ rumored opening off Parkside Drive has caused excitement in the area.

“They’ll be there [within the] 2,400 square feet on the side closest to the B-P,” Clarke said.

“We’re so excited about having them there,” she added.

Pollock is providing the other tenants with walls and bathrooms, but Dunkin’ Donuts is choosing to do its own design, so they are not expected to be open for business as early as some of the other shops might be.

“I don’t know what their schedule is like, but they’re doing their own build-out,” Clarke said.

“I don’t know when, when we will be opened,” said Nick Patel, also owner of Dunkin’ Donuts off Cedar Bluff.

“It will be maybe June,” he added, saying that he still needed to speak with the architect.

Clarke hopes that the book store and coffee shop being in such close proximity will be a draw for customers.

“With Dunkin’ Donuts being there, kind of having the coffee shop feel and the book shop, hopefully it will be a place people can retreat to, I guess, and hopefully meet people over coffee or, you know, just come in between office meetings and that kind of thing,” Clarke said.

She added that the center would be an escape from the developments off Parkside Drive.

“I think it’s going to be a nice alternative to the busyness of Turkey Creek, you know, to provide some of the same services at Turkey Creek and being able to find them without the hassle of having to find parking and traffic and everything,” Clarke said.


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