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Shiloh resident says ‘no’ to McFee proposal

We are opposed, at this time, to the proposition being considered by the town of Farragut to pay $1,300,000 for 16.8 acres of land off McFee Road and then possibly donating it to the [Knox] County School Board for a new School location.

Tom Rosseel is to be commended for the detailed study he has presented covering the various reasons that a new school should be located in that area. That may eventually be a good location for a new school for Knox County.

However, it seems to us that there should have been a wider study with more official input from the Town and School Board and their personnel who consider the best locations for future schools.

Although $1,3000,000 may seem like a relatively small amount of money to larger towns or industries, this amount is equivalent to 20.6 percent of the total $6,305,261 revenue received by town of Farragut in the entire 2007 Fiscal Year.

We feel that, at this time, there are more urgent needs in the town of Farragut where these funds could be utilized: more town streets could be paved, additional street lighting could be added for increased security, added space could be added to Town Hall, flooding on Kingston Pike at Village Green during heavy rainstorms could be studied and corrected, and some long-range capital projects could be brought forward, just to name a few items.

Although McFee Road has been upgraded recently for increased traffic, a new school in that area and the added traffic must be considered, especially if parents insist on driving their children to and from school rather than using the provided bus service.

In light of the above comments we feel that this proposal should not be approved, or it should be tabled, until further study by an expanded, all inclusive, committee be completed before a final decision is made on this very important proposal.

This Town Committee could consider both the needs for a new school, potential traffic problems, and also a more detailed study of the funding needed for this project as well as other needed Town projects.

Gene and Ellen Larson



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