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I moved to Farragut because it had a great school reputation. But Im afraid our reputation is changing from a great school to an overcrowded school. We keep building neighborhood after neighborhood, but we need to provide for the families of the community. And I think a school off of McFee Road would be a wonderful, proactive movement for the school district to make. Im not sure how [one local citizen] can go ahead and speak for the town of Farragut and say that it is not in the school business. I think it needs to be in the school business or no one will want to move to a community who has overcrowded schools. A community has got to be in the school business if they want to stay and be a great community. They have to provide for the families of the community.

I would love to see the town of Farragut build a community pool. Its one thing that were really lacking since the Concord pool has closed. Weve got great parks and walking trails and biking trails, but we do not have a community pool. And it would be great to have it in the new town of Farragut [center] that were building, the downtown. A great place for families to hang out and gather and exercise together.

For years, oil producers have begged Congress for a chance to drill for new oil in the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico and in the Alaskan national wilderness. For decades, Democrats in Congress have blocked this oil exploration. Now we are paying high prices for gas and well be paying more in the future. Still, Democrats in Congress are blocking this new production of oil and even threatening to slap a new $18 billion tax on the gas we pay for. The Democratic Congress is responsible for our high gas prices, but all they do is go on vacation and come back with plans for higher taxes.

The roundabout on Northshore and Concord Road is ridiculous. Since we did not have room for a traffic light that could hang overhead, we built 130 feet of wasted space in the center so everyone can drive around it. This is definitely another product of our local government.

Commenting on the new roundabout in Farragut, when boating season starts how many boats are going to get stuck trying to go eastbound on Northshore Drive coming southbound off of Concord, and what kind of traffic backup thats going to cause? Roundabouts are good in Europe but European people drive on the wrong side of the road.

How do you like it now with regard to the roundabout at Northshore and Concord? Not only is it a major step forward with regard to traffic flow, it represents a mental step forward that hopefully West Knoxville is getting over, the not invented here syndrome that retards other opportunities for progress. If people will travel it with an open mind, pay attention to it the way its designed, within a year people will recognize it was very much the right thing to do. Knox County needs more of that kind of thinking.

On the front page on the bottom section of [a recent newspaper story] regarding the land [a local citizen] has owned, and his family, for over 40 years. Now the Aldermen, over this section, is all for taking this land for wasted money on a no-good greenway. Its hard to believe this town and its mayor would let this happen and cross Everett Road to link this to another walking trail. I guess you can expect anything from this Mayor after the city paid for the golf trail under Smith Road crossing ground and paid for the water drain through the Mayors own property. I hope this entire town [of] people will let it be known what is being done to the [local landowning] family. We are sure this Mayor and his clique will be through after this term along with this quack [government official] whos supposed to represent this family, and stepped on them. If this Mayor and the Aldermen love the greenways, why dont they live on one? This is absolutely a shame the way this family is being treated. And for the Planning Commission, theyre all asleep and ancient The town of Farragut needs an elementary school and community center. And we feel it would be a good idea to build this on mayors farm. It is centrally located, and would be an excellent location. The mayor would probably donate this land for a new school and community center. This would make an excellent bicycle trail and walking area. They could plant beautiful trees and water decorations throughout this farm. Now, McFee Road [proposed] school would absolutely be a disgrace. Plus the fact the community center on that end of the county, and way out of town. Why in the world [a town government official] want to build something in this area? This is absolutely a disgrace.

In Thursday, April 3s through the lens about the Concord roundabout I just wanted to say that I havent had any problems yet, and its worked out really well. I think its a wonderful idea and I do hope we experience more creative things like this for our traffic relief in the future.

Im against the new school on McFee Road, and I dont live on McFee Road. It would make the traffic horrible. Theres very few places to get out as it is. And if they would stop building so many subdivisions they wouldnt need new schools. Its overcrowded as it is. And about the person that called in about the Democrats raising the oil prices, they need to listen to the news. Its the Republicans in office, not the Democrats.

The roundabout on Concord and Northshore is really great. I think this is one of the best things they have done at the Northshore-Concord intersection. I love it because it is a really novel idea not to have a stoplight and to just keep em going and have a yield sign. I guess we should do this more on a busy intersection.

In reference to the question about the assisted living complex off Grigsby Chapel Road, I think the more important question and concern is that this is the last piece of greenspace on Grigsby Chapel Road. And its a real shame that its going to be developed. I drive by it every day, and that should have been more a part of the story than whether or not the assisted living complex faces one way or faces another. Think about it, the last piece of greenspace on Grigsby Chapel Road.

Im calling with reference to the roundabout on Northshore. I drive in from Loudon County, in Lenoir City very often during the week on Northshore. I want to say what an improvement it is. Its great going all the way through on Northshore or coming down Concord Road to get on Northshore and return to Loudon County. Its just a great improvement and I hope people will become accustomed to it and that it will be used elsewhere.

I wanted to give my opinion about the roundabout. I think its doing an absolute great job. Its everything it was supposed to be. The only thing, you need to publish something in the farragutpress that gives some indication about the right-of-way. Im not sure everybody understands the principle. If you would do that, just indicate what should be done from the various approaches I think everything would work great.

Im calling regarding the rezoning of the Grigsby Chapel plot of land adjacent to Chapel Point subdivision. Im definitely not in favor of that happening. I share the same points as other people with the increased traffic, the decrease of property values, drainage issues. I just think it would be a horrible mistake to add something like that to a residential community.

I would like to say I am in favor of the Costco moving into Farragut.

As a lifelong (40-plus years) resident of Concord (now Farragut) residing in the Grigsby Chapel-Smith Road area, I oppose any roundabouts, traffic lights or traffic calming islands. The best solution is this ... adding two more stop sign intersections and level off the elevation in front of St. John Court to allow someone to safely turn on to Grigsby Chapel Road. Have a stop sign intersection at Wyndham Hall or Weatherly Hills and the other at St. John Court. If you place more stop sign intersections on these roads, it will minimize and slow the traffic down and no one will want to take this route from the Interstate or Turkey Creek to their homes in Sugarwood, Virtue Road, McFee Road and beyond. They shouldnt be on these roads in the first place. These should be taking Campbell Station Road to Kingston Pike to their homes, not through our subdivisions. Utilizing the stop signs is much cheaper and a nicer, softer approach than an ugly traffic light or concrete medians in the middle of the road. This residential area should remain beautiful and appealing to everyone that lives here.


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