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First Citizens Bank projects June opening date

First Citizens Bank plans to open a new branch off Campbell Station Road in mid-June.

“Of course, that’s our planning date. Everything has to come together … but the Bank has done a lot of these; they’re quite good at it, so the 16th of June should be a good day,” said Allan Beall, Tennessee area executive for First Citizens.

“I’ve got people already hired … I’ve had people on board for quite some time. They’ve been working at one of our other locations just waiting for this one to open,” Beall added.

“Every position I need is already filled.”

The branch manager will be Myrl Zapolski, who has worked for the bank since 2006.

The bank will offer traditional services and will specialize in working with businesses.

“We’re a full-service bank. There are things we do well and there are things we prefer not to do, such as the sub-prime lending and all that,” Beall said.

“That office is a full-service branch and will offer a complete line of financial services, including deposit accounts, loans, leasing, working capital financing and wealth management services,” said Barbara Thompson, manager of public relations for First Citizens.

About the sub-prime lending, Thompson said, “That has never been anything that we have ever offered.”

“Our focus really is working with small to mid-size businesses, the medical community and other professionals, which would include C-P-As and lawyers,” Thompson said.

“Farragut, of course, is well known as a great place for businesses and we specialize in helping businesses,” Beall said.

This will be the second First Citizens branch to open in Knoxville; the other location is off Parkside Drive. First Citizens is a national bank, based out of North Carolina, with more than 400 locations in 17 states.

“There’s so much that we’re proud of and we’re so different from other banks. Some people thought that we were some small community bank. We’re not,” Thompson said.

“Our bank is very large and very old. Our bank is 110 years old … we are the largest family controlled bank in America,” Beall said. First Citizens is a publicly traded company, but the majority of shares are owned by the Holding family, who controls the bank.

“Our bank really, really knows what it’s doing. It just decided a few years ago that it was good to come to Tennessee,” Beall said.

“In 2006, we started operations in Knoxville and we’ve done very well … Farragut’s just a great place to do business; it really is,” he added.


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