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Godfather’s Pizza comes to Choto

Godfather’s Pizza has opened inside AM Express at 1116 Harvey Road.

“We have been open since [Feb.] 25,” said Sonny Singh, owner.

John Barrow, general manager, said, “We are a one-of-a-kind convenience store in this area.”

“It is an upscale convenience store with gas pumps in the back. We’re right in the middle of a residential neighborhood with middle to upper-class homes and we wanted to present that kind of an image consistent with the neighborhood.

“We offer the convenience of location … before we came here, the nearest convenience store was about three-and-a-half miles away,” he added.

“So, for those who want a quick loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, or if they want to stop by for a Godfather’s pizza, we are one of two Godfather’s quick service restaurants in town,” Barrow said.

Singh added that Godfather’s Pizza menu is the “full expanded menu with the sandwiches and everything.

“We’re providing true convenience and quality product for the neighborhood,” he added.

The convenience store currently has 10 employees.

Godfather’s will begin delivering pizzas within a five or six mile radius from the restaurant in the coming weeks.

“I want my crew to be trained first before I start delivering,” Singh said.

“We’re going to have a real snazzy delivery vehicle with NASCAR graphics all over it. Godfather’s Pizza sponsors one of the NASCAR race cars,” Barrow said.

Singh also will be starting a Web site with all menu and take out information available soon.

“I will have everything online at the Web site,” Singh said.

“Eventually, people will be able to go online and order items out of the convenience store. We’ll download and then deliver those items; we are the only ones in town doing that to my knowledge,” Barrow said.

Singh owns other Godfather’s Pizza restaurants, but this is his first in Knoxville.

“I just own one; we own nine of them in Nashville. They are not full-service, but we have over here full-service: we make all the dough and everything over here,” he said.

Barrow hasn’t always been in the pizza business.

“Before this I was in real estate for the last seven years with Bill McFadden Real Estate Company,” Barrow said.

“I was ready for a new opportunity and I had the opportunity to become general manager in this store and I thought I would make that change,” he added.

For more information, call Godfather’s in the AM Express at 865-288-3400.


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