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police reports:

• April 1: A Spinnaker Road woman advised police that between March 31 and April 1, an unknown suspect entered her vehicle and rummaged through her belongings. Nothing was taken. There were no signs of forced entry.

• April 1: A Brochardt Road woman advises that someone shot out the light on her mailbox with what appears to be a B-B or pellet gun.

• April 1: A complainant from Pilot gas station off Campbell Station Road was emptying trash cans near the pumps when she found a purse in a can. Documentation in the purse led to the victim, a Blue Herron Road woman. She confirmed that her purse had been stolen the night of March 31. Her purse was left in her unlocked car, parked in the garage of the residence. The garage door was left open all night. Victim had not reported theft of the purse to the sheriff’s office at the time, but had notified financial institutions of the theft of her credit cards. She was advised that her ATM card had been used unsuccessfully at several locations that morning.

• April 1: A residence under construction off Raeburn Lane was entered between 5:30 p.m., March 31, and 8 a.m., April 1. About 500 feet of various gauges of copper wire were taken from the attic and basement.

• April 1: A Saddle Ridge Drive man advised police that on March 27, an unknown suspect took his watch off his desk in the kitchen. He stated he did not know who has been in the house or who took the watch.

• April 2: A complainant from Michael Bates Homes advised police that an unknown suspect had entered a house under construction off Farmgate and removed copper wire. Suspects entered through the crawl space.

• April 2: A complainant from Taco Bell off Kingston Pike said that she asked the suspect to perform a standard business procedure, but he began yelling at her, saying that he did not have to do that. He then threw his keys at her and left the store. Complainant counted the money in the drawer to find that is was $199.82 short.

• April 3: Complainant from Pilot gas station off Campbell Station Road advised that suspect drove off without paying for $46.98 in gasoline. Complainant was unable to get a license plate number; suspect left heading for the Interstate.

• April 3: Complainant from Pilot off Campbell Station Road advised that an unknown suspect pulled to a pump, had a young male passenger exit vehicle and pump $70.94 in gas and then drove away without paying.

• April 4: A Wells Fargo Drive woman stated that when her son arrived home on the night of April 3, he left the garage door open. An unknown suspect came into the garage and stole tools, coins, a CD player, speakers and an MP3 player. Both vehicles were unlocked and there was no visible damage to the cars.

• April 4: Officers responded to a residence off Chestnut Street on a vandalism call. Victim stated that the suspect threw a brick through the rear window of her vehicle. She stated she did not know why this incident occurred.

• April 4: Officers responded to Kentucky Fried Chicken off Kingston Pike on report of verbal threats. Upon arrival, officers spoke to victim, who stated that a former employee (suspect) had quit his job and was upset. Victim stated the suspect had called several times and come to the property, threatening the victim and other employees. He said that he wanted to fight. Victim also stated that the suspect called a different store and told the manager that he was going to kill everyone at the Kingston Pike location. Victim stated the suspect admitted to him that he was on crack and was bi-polar.

• April 5: Complainant from Farragut GoodWill stated that an unknown suspect took items from her purse, including a driver’s license, checkbook, debit card, social security card and cash. She was in the rear of the business completing paperwork. Her purse was located near the front register. Complainant thought a co-worker had locked the door to the business but she had not. Complainant did not realize the theft until she needed her checkbook later that evening.

• April 5: Officers responded to Doctor’s Care Medical Clinic on report of a dog bite. Upon arrival, officers spoke with victim. She stated that she was walking down the street when a small dog started barking and ran toward her. Victim stated the dog bit her on the left calf, breaking the skin. Victim stated the dog is usually on a leash but was not this time. Victim came to clinic for medical attention. Victim did not want to press charges but would speak to the owners of the dog when they returned home.

• April 5: A Russfield Drive woman stated that an unknown suspect gained entry into her vehicle by breaking the driver’s side window. Suspect then took victim’s purse, checkbook, wallet, credit cards and money.

• April 5: Officers responded to a residence of Duzane Lane on report of threatening phone calls. Complainant stated that his daughter and her boyfriend (suspect) were arguing at another address when the suspect called the complainant and told him he needed to come get his [expletive] daughter. Complainant told suspect not to talk to him that way and not to talk to his daughter that way either. Suspect then told complainant that he had a gun and a bullet with his [complainant’s] name on it. Complainant hung up the phone and called for police intervention.

• April 7: An officer was dispatched to KenJo Market off Campbell Station Road for an investigation call for counterfeit money. Complainant stated she believes the suspect intentionally took two counterfeit $100 bills while on her shift the day before. Suspect failed to test the bills with a detection pen, which is company policy. Suspect had been fired from her job on an unrelated matter since this occurred.

• April 7: A complainant from Papa John’s off Kingston Pike called in to Teleserve to report that on several occasions, the suspect (an employeee) had taken money without the complainant’s or victims’ permission. Complainant stated the suspect is a deliver driver at the business and had been taking money from customers then returning to the business, gaining entry into the computer with a password he took from one of the managers, voiding out the order and pocketing the money.

• April 7: A witness in Farragut Intermediate’s staff parking lot witnessed a green or blue SUV pull into the lot with two white males inside. Passenger got out of the vehicle and approached the victim’s vehicle. He scratched the driver side door and back door with what may have been a key or small piece of metal. Witness could not describe clothing of suspects or give license plate number of the suspect vehicle.

• April 9: A complainant from TCBY Yogurt off West End Avenue arrived to find the rear door had been pried open. Business was entered and two cash registers were taken. The cash registers contained $30 in coins. Complainant had no suspects. Business was not equipped with an alarm.

• April 9: An officer was dispatched to Wyndham Hall Lane in reference to a vandalism/shooting into an unoccupied residence. Upon arrival, officer spoke to the complainant, who stated an unknown person shot one round into his residence, causing damage to a window. He also stated the residence was unoccupied during this incident. A forensics unit responded to collect the bullet and process the scene.

• April 9: Officers were dispatched to Petro’s Truck Stop concerning a burglary to a vehicle. Victim stated that he pulled into the business and went inside for about an hour to eat. Victim stated that when he returned to his vehicle, he found the passenger side door glass had been cut out and the suspect had taken a CB radio, GPS system and cell phone.


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