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ē This is regards to the roundabout at Northshore and Concord Road. I do believe that they still need to add the westbound lane off Concord Road. I got rear-ended at Northshore going east because I was waiting on a car to decide if it was going to go down Northshore or around the roundabout. And the car behind me thought I was yielding. I do think that it needs to be fixed and they need to add the westbound lane off Concord Road immediately.

ē I would like to comment on that Concord Road-Northshore Drive roundabout. I think itís an excellent, excellent solution to a traffic problem. Itís beautifully done, well-done project. Very nicely done. The traffic flow is wonderfully easy. Itís an engineering masterpiece. I thank God for it. Itís wonderful. Iím a resident of the Concord Landing subdivision here in Farragut.

ē I donít like the roundabout at all. I think itís so confusing. Iíve almost got hit there twice. I think it would be a public service if you would publish the rules of the road so people know if youíre in the circle not to pull out right in front of you.

ē This is in response to the caller who says that Republicans are responsible for high gas prices because they control the government. Letís look at the facts: both houses of Congress are controlled by the Democrats. Every since 2001, President [George W.] Bush has asked Congress to approve new oil exploration, and every year Congress has voted it down. Even when Congress was controlled by the Republicans, Democrats voted in a solid block against Arctic and deep offshore drilling while nearly all Republicans voted in favor of these bills. It is the Democratic Party that is responsible for high gas prices and for our dependence on foreign oil. They have blocked new oil drilling for 20 years. And now weíre paying for it.

ē Of course itís [last weekís ďThrough the LensĒ] a selling point to a businessman. No businessman wants to be harassed with the Ö tactics as are evident in Farragut. The only reason development in Turkey Creek came into Farragut is the City of Knoxville ran out of space.

ē When I moved to Farragut, the No. 1 thing that I noticed here is there are no playgrounds for children. There is a very small playground at Concord [Park], but Iím talking about a big playground ó bigger than the one in Oak Ridge. Iím from Florida and we had three playgrounds in one city within a 10-mile radius. Huge, massive playgrounds. And thatís what we lack here, is there are no playgrounds to play on for the children. The one at [Fort Loudoun Lake] is very tiny. We need to do something, as rich as Farragut is; we need to get together and have a fund-raiser and build some playgrounds for children.


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