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Turkey Creek gains ‘sleep spa’

Roger Cunningham is passionate about sleep.

Cunningham, owner of The Bed Store, opened a sleep spa, Le Sleep, in Turkey Creek this Monday, April 14, pending any unforeseen circumstances.

“We’re selling sleep: the sleep, the sleep that changes your life,” Cunningham said.

According to Cunningham, a sleep spa is geared toward women and providing them with the knowledge of how to get a good night’s sleep, not just finding a decent mattress.

“Females are our primary target: you’re educated, informed, you have your own income, you make your own decisions and [you] need sleep,” Cunningham said.

“We sell mattresses by default, not because we ever made you want one,” he added.

“[Le Sleep] is going to redefine the whole concept … the whole industry will change.”

The idea of the sleep spa is to teach customers how to achieve a good night’s sleep.

Cunningham said he was inspired by his wife and daughters, who enjoy going to the spa.

“You don’t ask about prices [when you go to the spa]; it’s all about the experience. It’s about being pampered,” he said.

“Le Sleep will not have all the beds The Bed Store has, it will focus on the process and the pampering,” Cunningham added.

The show room is painted in warm colors, featuring curved floor plans, soothing music and aromatherapy. The store will offer green teas and rose water. Pillows and mattresses will be covered with freshly laundered and scented towels for each


“Sleep consultants” will lead a customer through a show room, marketing “pre-sleep, sleep and awakening” products.

“None of it will be in mattress language, which you didn’t like in the first place, [but] you can still go shop with it,” Cunningham said.

Sleep consultants will guide you through your normal pre-sleep, sleep and awakening routines and then give advice to improve sleep and recommend products to use in your routine.

The advice and products will cover everything from bath rituals to breathing techniques.

“There always is a product, but the process is more important. We will marry the right product to you by you buying into the process.

“The sleep that has been elusive to you up to this point is what we’re aiming at,” Cunningham said.

The steps along the process include release, relax, renew, revive, rebalance and reconnect. “See yourself where you want to be,” he said.

“This is your place, and it’s really yours: rearrange it any way you want to rearrange it, set the mood, have fun with it. That is relaxing, and that is a very important part of the sleep process.

“Don’t go to bed afraid. Don’t go to bed defeated. Go to bed alive and winning and relaxed,” he added.

“We don’t have to run to all of these other things to feel good about ourselves. Why not come home and do it? Why not start the next eight hours this way and end this way and then go conquer the world?” Cunningham said.

For the first two weeks the store is open, it will donate $50 of each sale of more than $399 to Children’s Hospital. The store also will give away prizes, including a half day at Salon Visage, appointments with the Spa Girls and free pillows and aromatherapy fragrances.


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