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Realtor has national affiliation

RM Moore, a local commercial realty company, has recently taken a step forward by affiliating itself with national realtor Sperry Van Ness.

Sperry Van Ness is well-established on the West coast although it is lesser-known in the east.

“I started this company in 1995 and it was originally going to be a one-person office. I started getting more business than I could handle on my own … we’ve been continually growing since 1995 at a 20 to 30 percent clip per year,” said owner Roger Moore.

“In the past, we’ve been very capable of handling transactions of $1 million and less. Well, as we’ve grown, the opportunities we’ve come across are larger than those.

“When you start to elevate your business to that level, you start to compete with, typically, not local companies but national … and you have to have all the tools that they have in order to compete,” he added.

Moore said that he particularly began noticing the company’s competition deficit last year. When bidding to sell properties, RM Moore found itself competing against national companies for the project.

“We wouldn’t be on the same playing field as those guys, and we wouldn’t get the opportunity even though in most cases we were even more capable of handling them than a national company would be. We just weren’t able to get in the door because [property owners] felt they needed national exposure on the property,” Moore said.

“I realized that it was time for us to go to another level as a company,” he added.

He needed elevated marketing and technology to complete the sales.

“Sperry Van Ness offered the kind of tools we needed,” Moore said.

However, Moore admits to having some reservations before deciding on the affiliation.

“We’ve always put our clients first, but I felt like a national brokerage company’s philosophy was that as long as you met their criteria and wrote them a check, then you were in,” he said.

Moore said that Sperry Van Ness proved him wrong. RM Moore had to provide background and references; Moore’s company had to meet Sperry Van Ness’s requirements.

“They’re very adamant about keeping the clients first, being proactive in the market, being someone who is a dominant commercial brokerage company in the market, and having that team orientation,” Moore said.

The affiliation does mean changes for the company, from obvious things such as signage to employee training.

Moore’s employees had various degrees of education and experience, and a previous problem he had encountered was how to allow employees to improve through training or continuing education.

Sperry Van Ness offers “a wide variety of opportunities that they can get: educational-type benefits, online training, different courses offered around the country, a lot of networking opportunities,” Moore said.

Another improvement is

in RM Moore’s marketing


“The benefit for owners is that it doesn’t cost them any more, but now we have a wide variety of complete marketing packages that includes Web sites and commercial portals,” Moore said.

According to Moore, all properties, regardless of size, will get the same exposure under these new marketing packages.

The company’s new name is Sperry Van Ness RM Moore.

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