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• While I am pro-life, I still find choice truck that paraded through Turkey Creek numerous times [recently] repulsive and frankly uneducational. I also find it disturbing that one of the board members is a resident of Knoxville and is allowing such inappropriate images to be shown in an area that is full of families, schools nearby, etc. For the first time since becoming a parent, I actually thank God that my children were not in the car with me. While these people may not believe in choice, I would like when it comes to explaining such sensitive issues to 8- to 5- and 3-year-olds; with the rising cost of fuel, etc., there has to be a better way they can spend their money. How about helping women and families so they are not put in a position of having to make such decisions to begin with?

• What’s up with that mud pit on Kingston Pike between Old State Road and Everett Road? That thing has been an eyesore forever. Apparently there’s no improvement in sight, and this is one of Farragut’s most visible locations. We’re treated to a huge display of red clay when it’s dry and a sea of mud when it rains. Can somebody encourage whoever’s responsible to take care of this ugly and offensive mess?

• This is in regards to the sign that has, “Not in Farragut” on it. If our middle backwards country Podunk good ole boy government in Farragut would not allow so many churches and so many banks and let in some smaller businesses and not give them such a hard time about signage and regulations and everything. I understand there needs to be regulations on signage, but other cities do it. Hilton Head [S.C.] for instance, is beautiful. Oak Ridge has regulations but yet they have small businesses. Farragut does not allow anything but banks in Farragut and churches. How do you expect people to want to come to Farragut if they don’t give ’em a break? I kinda understand why it says “Not in Farragut.” Don’t blame ’em one bit.

• I have to say I love the roundabout, and I’ve had to wait less than a minute at any point on there. I don’t see what people don’t get about it? It’s a yield sign.

• About the Northshore [round]about, three words: I love it. No more needs to be said. But the other thing is, that I think a little informative article on how the rules of the road are run in that thing would be helpful to a lot of people who are inexperienced.

• This is in regards to the roundabout at Concord and Northshore Drive. If anyone has driven in Europe where they have ’em, they work really well but you have to know what you’re doing. If you’re coming down Concord and you want to go east on Northshore Drive, you’d have your left-hand turn signal on; if you’re going to go west you have your right turn signal on. You always yield to the car to the left. If you follow these easy-to-understand instructions, you won’t have to worry about accidents. It’s very helpful, though, for people to use their turn signal.

• I find it ironic that Farragut’s now trying to get involved in the school business. Where were they when it came time to insure that neighborhoods clearly within the town of Farragut were guaranteed the right to continue attending Farragut schools? This whole McFee property exchange situation sounds very secretive and underhanded. I hope the Board of Mayor and Aldermen have enough common sense to realize they didn’t slip this one by us as they had hoped and drop it before it turns ugly and ruins the Town’s reputation. As for the McFee association, I wish you the best of luck and congratulate you for standing up against the bully.

• I just moved to the area in February and live off of Harvey Road. I travel Boyd Station Road daily to take my son to school and am very concerned about the safety of that road. There is no shoulder and many unsafe dips in the road that create a dangerous situation should you venture too close to the edge. I have experienced this myself but was lucky to recover without any mishap. However, in the last two weeks I have witnessed two accidents in the exact same location. The cars apparently went off the road slightly as I had, but unfortunately, those drivers where not so lucky. This morning (April 17) was the worst, and the driver apparently flipped and hit a tree. Her car landed periously close to the railroad tracks, and as the life flight helicopter flew overhead on its way to the hospital, I could only hope and pray that she was going to be OK. I wanted to express my concern to the city leaders and hope that they will examine the safety of this road and make the necessary repairs. Farragut is a wonderful place to live, but I am very concerned for the safety of the residents who travel down Boyd Station Road.


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