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letter to the editor

I am becoming very concerned about all the fighting that is going on in Farragut Board meetings among Board members for the past 12 months or so.

High level disharmony always trickles down into an organization creating tremendous problems within the working organization itself. And this situation seems to be becoming highly personal with feelings of animosity toward one another.

In the end the town could suffer, because such conflict within an organization has a destructive effect on jobs done, and takes up too much valuable time.

I may be naive about political organizations. We love Farragut, and we really hate to see this kind of damaging behavior.

What can we do other than appeal to Farragut Board members to stop acting like attack dogs, stop having your ego rule your month, and start acting in a mature manner, not making anything at a Board meeting personal. Why get angry?

Another Board member may have a good idea. It is very immature to not change your mind if the other person has a better idea. Board members are to serve the Town”s needs — not their ego needs.

... Lady and gentlemen of the town Board, you can and we hope that you will eliminate this ugly bickering behavior now. If you really are a Board member to benefit the Town, then act in the interest of the Town, and those outsiders who are key to making and keeping Farragut great.

If you are a Board member to feed your ambition, even partly, then at least have the courage to stand up and say so, and then remove that ambition and ego from the Board’s decision making process.

Vic Spencer



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