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police reports:

• April 17: Complainant from Merit Construction advised police that a window to a construction site office trailer had been broken out with a brick. There does not appear to have been entry into the trailer. There also have been paint balls found on the site and paint on other construction trailers.

• April 18: Complainant from Cress Development stated that during the night someone stole a television from a model home in a subdivision under construction. Complainant stated there was no forced entry and suspect possibly used a key.

• April 19: Complainant from KenJo off Campbell Station Road stated an unknown suspect drove away without paying for $13.14 in gas. Suspect was a white male with white female passenger. Suspect was in his early 90s, driving a purple Chrysler with out of state tags.

• April 20: A Ferrett Road man advised that his trailer had been stolen from the Sir Gooney’s Golf and Games parking lot. Complainant could not give tag number.

• April 20: Victim, an employee of Wild Wings Café, parked her vehicle on Campbell Lakes Drive in front of Wild Wings April 20. Victim came out to her vehicle and found the driver’s side window broken out. Victim advised she did not notice anything missing.

• April 21: A Saddle Ridge Drive man advised police that between April 18 and April 21, an unknown suspect used a rock to break out the light on his mailbox. He stated the big rock was still there and requested an officer come out.

• April 21: Complainant, an employee of Interstate Connections, advised that a case at his place of employment was broken into and six cell phones were stolen. He advised the suspect was caught on surveillance tape at truck stop business, but complainant had not seen the tape.

• April 21: Complainant at Myers Brothers Holdings advised that an unknown suspect damaged six of the down spouts at the building. It appears someone took a hammer and hit the down spouts, making them unusable.

• April 21: Complainant from BP Gas off Watt Road advised police that an unknown male suspect pumped $30 in diesel fuel into multiple gas cans and drove away without paying. Complainant did not know suspect’s direction of travel.

• April 21: Complainant, an employee of Earlybird Painters, advised he had two different vans parked at an address off Kingston Pike. Catalytic converters were stolen off the vehicles during the time between April 18 and April 21. No apparent entry was made into the vehicles. There were no suspects.

• April 22: An officer stopped to assist a stranded motorist on I-40 East near Watt Road. Motorist was hearing impaired so information concerning the incident had to be written down. Victim advised the officer she believes a tractor-trailer wheel hit her passenger front wheel, causing damage to her vehicle as they traveled. Victim did not get a plate of the suspect truck and was unable to describe it in any detail.

• April 23: Officers were dispatched to a residence off Ivy Chase Lane on a possible shooting call. When officers arrived, victim told officer that he was lying in bed when he heard a loud banging noise coming from the rear of his residence. He went into his daughter’s bedroom to find several small holes in the window of her bedroom. The window had several small holes in it and was cracked. Two small round pellets were found on the back deck of the residence. Victim had no suspect information.

• April 23: Victim, a Kingsgate Road resident, advised that she went into her next door neighbor’s yard to retrieve her dog. Victim says that suspect’s dog then came at her and bit her on the hand. Dog was not on a leash but had a shock collar on with invisible underground wiring to keep the dog confined in the yard. Animal control responded and did a report of incident. Victim went to Baptist Hospital West for treatment of injury.

• April 23: A Gwinhurst Road man stated that between April 22 and April 23, an unknown suspect did damage to his lamp post. Complainant believed suspect may have used a BB gun to shoot out the light since this had happened before and he found BBs around the lamp post.

• April 24: A KenJo employee stated that a suspect entered the store, came behind the counter armed with what appeared to be a five-inch folding pocket knife and said, “Give me the money in the drawer, it’s not worth dying for.” Complainant stated the suspect smelled strongly of alcohol. Complainant opened the register and suspect took all paper currency out. Suspect then stated “I know there is more,” and the complainant took the suspect to the cooler area, where there is another cash register drawer. There was no paper currency in the drawer; the suspect took out the quarters. Suspect then told the complainant to stay in the cooler for 10 minutes. Complainant stated she heard a loud car leave from behind the store, so she exited the cooler and called 911.

• April 24: An officer was called to the office at Farragut High School regarding a theft that had taken place in one of the classrooms. The victim, her mother and an assistant principal met officer. Victim stated she was in her third-block class when the teacher took the class outside for exercise time. Victim left her purse inside and the room was left unlocked. When the class returned, victim noticed her purse was unzipped. She found that her cell phone and I-Pod touch were missing. Assistant principal interviewed several students who had been in the area or had access to the classroom. One student was searched

for missing items. Investigation is


• April 24: Officers were dispatched to a residence off S. Williamsburg Drive on a burglary call. Officers made contact with the victim who stated that someone came into her home and took a television, computer, XBox, camera, two rings and a carrying case for the computer. Suspects entered through the daughter’s bedroom window, which had been left insecure.

• April 24: A Snyder Road man told officers that he is in an ongoing civil dispute with suspect. Complainant stated that the court system ordered the suspect to keep all the water from his property off the complainant’s property. Complainant stated the suspect deliberately placed a drain from his building to run water on the complainant’s property. Officers did see the drain connected to the building.

• April 24: Officers were dispatched to a Sundown Road residence concerning a burglary. Victim stated that while he was away from his residence, an unknown suspect made entry into his residence and stole a safe and its contents and an XBox 360. Victim stated there was no signs of forced entry and believed the suspect possibly used the key he keeps hidden outside.

• April 25: A St. Andrews Drive man advised that between April 21 and April 25, someone cut the convertible top of his vehicle.

• April 25: A complainant from Pilot Travel Center off Lovell Road advised that the suspect got fuel at Pilot and when pulling out of the pump area, suspect’s left trailer wheel hit the concrete barrier at the end of the pumps. Computer at the pump was damaged. Complainant could not get the computer to come back on. The plate at the bottom was also knocked loose, but the complainant was able to put it back.

• April 26: An officer responded to a location off N. Campbell Station Road for a hit-and-run. Victim stated that an unknown suspect hit his car April 25, while it was parked in the parking lot of Mellow Mushroom. Vehicle damage was to the right front fender and headlight.

• April 26: A Whispering Hills Lane woman advised that she had been receiving harassing phone calls from an unknown suspect on her home and cell phone. Complainant advised that a female called and requested to speak to her husband. When she advised that he was not at home, the woman became angry. When the husband returned home, he asked the suspect to quit calling. Complainant requested report to contact her phone company on the following Monday.

• April 26: An officer was dispatched to Cracker Barrel off N. Campbell Station Road to investigate a burglary to a vehicle. Victim stated that an unknown suspect broke out the window to his vehicle and stole his wife’s purse, containing credit cards and checkbook, keyless entry controls, gift cards, diabetic supplies, a signature stamp and $30. Damage to vehicle was estimated at $500.

• April 27: A Dominion Circle woman stated that between April 26 and April 27, an unknown suspect got into her vehicle and stole her portable GPS systems. Complainant stated she thought her doors were locked but they were not.

• April 27: A Gwinhurst Road man stated that between April 25 and April 26, an unknown suspect vandalized his streetlight. Complainant stated it appears the light was shot with an air pistol.

• April 27: An employee of Weigel’s off Kingston Pike stated that a white male came into the business, unzipped his pants, and put candy into his pants. She stated the suspect was wearing blue jeans and a jean jacket. The stolen candy was valued at $40.

• April 28: Officers responded to an alarm call at Farragut Pharmacy off Kingston Pike. When officers arrived, they found that a window had been busted out of one of the doors and someone had entered. Complainant walked through the store but could not find anything missing at the time. X-ray unit responded to take pictures and lift fingerprints.

• April 28: Complainant from Pilot off N. Campbell Station Road advised that an unknown suspect pumped $83.30 and drove away without paying. Vehicle went in the direction of I-40.

• April 29: Officers responded to El Centinela off Kingston Pike on an alarm call. Complainant stated that an unknown suspect broke the front door glass out, entered the business and stole a cash register and contents. Forensics unit responded and processed the scene.

• April 29: Officers responded to Petro’s Truck Stop off Watt Road for a possible domestic violence or child abuse call. When officers arrived, they spoke with complainant, who stated he saw suspect yelling at victim and grabbing his arm with what the complainant felt was unnecessary force. Officers them spoke with suspect and victim. Victim stated that his mother was yelling at him because he was not where he was supposed to be in the store. Victim is diagnosed with moderate to severe autism and constantly moves erratically. Suspect stated that she told the victim to stay in a particular place in the store. When she returned, the child was not there, but the suspect located him fairly quickly. Suspect admitted to yelling at the child and leading him by the arm to their seat in the restaurant. Officers looked for excessive redness or marks on the victim but there were none. Victim was not scared nor did he feel his mother had been excessive in her discipline.


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