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ē We have good neighbors in Loudon County and surrounding areas. Has anyone looked to see that McFee Road is less than a half a mile from another county? We just want to warn our McFee Road friends, they better watch out. The Aldermen in Farragut are trying to build a school and community center in their front door. We would advise you to attend every meeting and not let this bunch of Mayor and Aldermen slip this through. Theyíre slick and need to be watched, especially the Farragut Mayor.

ē Iím calling in regard to the police chase of the bank robber on Kingston Pike [farragutpress story, page 1, May 1 issue] last week. I understand the necessity of wanting to capture him and all that, but for the police department that was traveling east on Kingston Pike coming from the west, that high speed was extremely dangerous for the rest of the people on the road who might not have heard them until the last second ó and they were going at such a high rate of speed that it would have been awfully hard to dodge them had somebody not seen them and tried to turn left or right, or moved over a lane inadvertently. So sometimes I think you have to take into consideration the general publicís safety ó families, children, so forth, so you donít make a tragedy out of a bank robbery.

ē Every time I go through this new roundabout on Northshore [Drive] and Concord Road, it reminds me I should call somebody in Knox County and thank them for doing that. Itís a wonderful solution to what has been a terrible problem for a long time. It works well, even though I read in the farragutpress thereís people irritated with it every now and then. But itíll just take time. But it works great and they did a great job putting it in.

ē I would have thought after the recent election that the [Knox County] Commission would get the message, but it appears that County Commission doesnít get the message and that they have more time to deal with issues that donít have anything to do with Knox County, like passing a resolution supporting [actor, the late] Charlton Heston as opposed to dealing with things that would move Knox County forward such as nepotism policies and other amendments. Whether or not I agree with them, moving things forward there would make a lot more sense than dealing with Charlton Heston.

ē I read with amazement and amusement about a local politician [Mike Padgett] who is trying to unseat a U.S. Senator [Lamar Alexander] by claiming that the Senator has not put anything on our dinner tables. Itís not the job of the government to put anything on my table, nor do I want a Senator to put anything on my table. Thatís my job. And furthermore, Iím sick to death of politicians claiming to want to fight, italicize fight, for me. I can fight for myself, I donít need a politician to do it.

ē Iím calling in regard to the outrageous behavior of the Farragut parents at the [Junior Varsity] Bearden-Farragut baseball championship game played in Oak Ridge. Our boys in this community have played the game since they were 5 or 6 years old, and have had some great coaches and parents teaching them over the years, the love of the game and how to lose and how to win while showing respect for the other team. But the behavior of the Farragut parents at this game was so bad that the umpires finally threw one parent out of the ballpark. The umpís action was then followed by a barrage of additional name-calling and derogatory comments to the point that the local police were called to the ballpark in anticipation of trouble after the game. This game will be remembered for years to come, not because of the excitement of watching two good teams play a great sport but because a handful of parents decided to turn the game into an umpire-bashing session. Iím embarrassed by our community, our school, but most of all for the boys whose parents misbehaved so badly.

ē I was pleased to see that kindness towards animals still exists after reading about the sweet Saint Bernard panda who lost her leg due to abuse and neglect. The wonderful folks at Dog Days Play School on Kingston Pike and Campbell Station, along with pandaís new adoptive parents, have given this beautiful animal a bright future. She has begun to trust people again. Letís hope our society can produce more persons who care about others, whether it be people or animals.

ē On May 3, at approximately 6 p.m., I witnessed something in the parking lot of a local grocery store that turned my stomach so much that I felt compelled to alert the residents of Farragut. When I parked my car in this parking lot I noticed a black GMC Envoy parked with the windows cracked and two very small boys alone in the back of the car. After waiting a few minutes to see if the parents would return I went inside the store and asked them to please call the police and gave them the plate number of the car. By this time several other people had also noticed this and 10-15 minutes later the parents still hadnít returned. The store employees never called the police but instead sent a manager out who commented to me that the kids looked fine and that they didnít see anything wrong with the situation. The store finally paged the parents (both of whom were in the store) who came out and when I confronted the mother asking her what on earth led her to leave her two small children in a car alone in 75-degree heat she replied that they wanted to and she didnít see anything wrong with it and then proceeded to laugh at me and call me crazy. Hereís the clincher, after two calls to the police they finally showed up. The officer didnít even get out of his car to check the kids and told the woman to have a nice day. He then acted like I was the wrong one to have reported this and said there was nothing wrong with leaving two young children alone in the car for more than 15 minutes on a hot day. To this officer I say shame on you for the way you handled this situation because you basically gave this woman permission to continue endangering her kids. To the store managers at this grocery store, youíve lost my business and shame on you for aiding in endangering those children. To the numerous women who came up to me in support for my concern I say thank you, thank you. When you see news reports on kids getting abducted from cars and dying from heat from being left in cars alone and you ask ďhow could this happen?Ē Well, this is how. We should be ashamed to live in a community where this behavior is condoned.

ē I canít believe that [a Tennessee state senator] has introduced legislation that will allow traffic light violators caught by red-light cameras to just tell a traffic court judge by letter, no court appearance, that they werenít driving their vehicle when an infraction occurs and the ticket is dismissed. What is he thinking? The cameras are a deterrent to law breaking. Perhaps the senator should be held liable for any accidents.


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