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Town toasts committee members at Fox Den banquet

The town of Farragut recognized its committee and staff members by hosting the annual Committee Banquet, Friday, May 2, at Fox Den Country Club.

The banquet included dinner provided by FDCC and entertainment by The Akima Singers.

Vice Mayor Michael Haynes likened the Town to The University of Tennessee Lady Volunteers basketball team, and the committee members to

the team’s behind-the-scenes


“Can anybody here tell me what Jimmy Delaney did this year? Jimmy Delaney is in the UT Marketing Department and at the Lady Vols and Texas A&M game, he happened to remember that they had an extra shoulder brace on the team bus on the dirty clothes basket. He ran outside and found it. They put it on Candace Parker and she was able to get through the game. If you watched that game, that was the difference.

“I would say that Jimmy Delaney, unknown to a lot of people, saved that championship season,” he added.

From Delaney, to Debbie Jennings, a UT Sports Information Department employee who bolstered team and fan morale, to Jenny Moshak, the Lady Vols trainer; Haynes illustrated how behind-the-scenes supporters were instrumental in the Lady Vols eighth National Championship title.

“The parallel is obvious here. I am on the Board and the Mayor is in the paper, and people read about what we do. But the truth is, the real things that happen for the Town and the day-to-day work that make things happen, it’s the people on the committees. It is you folks,” he said.

“You may not get the press or your name in the paper, but it is you folks in this room who make Farragut a championship team,” he added.

Several committee and staff members were presented awards for reaching service goals. The following committee members received five-year service awards: Lou LaMarche, Board of Zoning Appeals; Kathy Pierre, Beautification Committee (pictured right with husband, Rich); Loretta Bradley, Parks and Athletics Council; Chris Duncan, Board of Plumbing Gas/Mechanical Examiners; Teri Leland, Visual Resources Review Board and Bob Markli, Visual Resources Review Board.

Duanne Winkler from the Personnel Committee received a 10-year service award and Rosaline Slater, on the Beautification Committee, receiv-ed a 15-year service award.

The following staff members received service awards as well: Elliott Sievers, Community Development Department, five years; Anne LaGrow, Leisure Services Department, 10-years; David Ward, Public Works Department, 10 years; Jeff Williams, Public Works Department, 10 years and Duane Belcher, Public Works Department, 15 years.


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