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police reports

• May 1: A Waddell Place woman advised that between April 30 and May 1, an unknown suspect sawed off her catalytic converter.

• May 1: A Cherokee Drive woman advised that someone stole the catalytic converter off her vehicle, which was parked off Kingston Pike. There was no apparent entry into the


• May 1: A complainant from Knox County Juvenile Detention stated that between March 1 and April 7, three checks were stolen through unknown means. Checks were written on an account from Covenant Credit Union. It was unknown if additional checks were stolen.

• May 1: A Grigsby Chapel Road woman advised the back flow preventer had been stolen from the sprinkler system at her home address. Complainant is unsure when the incident happened and has no suspects.

• May 1: A Concord Veterinarian employee stated she found a license plate in the parking lot of her place of employment. The tag came back not on file and was turned into Knox County Sheriff’s Office Property


• May 1: A complainant from Appalachian Electronics stated that an unknown suspect entered the Petro’s Truck Stop and broke into the display case by forcing the lock open on the back of the case. Suspect did no damage to the case but stole two CB radios. Complainant advised he had video of suspect.

• May 2: An officer responded to an address off Doral Point on report of a burglary. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with victim. Victim stated he had left his residence April 21 and returned May 1. He discovered his lawnmower had been stolen from beneath his porch. Victim stated the suspect also attempted to break into the back door. The doorframe and lock were both damaged in the attempt. Victim stated the suspect did not make entry into the house and nothing else was taken.

• May 2: On May 1, an Old Colony Parkway woman received a letter from an online company that she had purchased goods via the Internet one month before. Letter stated the company computer system that stores customer credit card information had been compromised. On the same day, victim received a phone call from her bank, who stated her credit card number had been used to make several purchases in a short period of time, all via the Internet. Victim confirmed she did not place the charges and that no one else had physical control of her credit card at the time. Fraudulent charges placed on her card were place at various online retailers. Victim had placed a “stop of use” on her credit card and is working to obtain more information from her bank.

• May 2: A complainant from BB&T Bank stated a suspect came into bank and attempted to gain access to teller line behind the counter through the door. Suspect was unable to gain access, so he jumped over the counter in front of complainant. Suspect then mumbled, “I am not going to hurt anybody,” and also a statement to the effect that he just wanted money. Complainant stated suspect then opened her teller drawer and removed all cash. Suspect then moved down the teller line, check all the drawers. Suspect also went to drive-thru window teller drawer and removed all cash. At time of the police report, it was believed suspect gained access to money in only these two drawers. Suspect then tripped over a garbage can behind the counter but did not fall. Suspect attempted to exit out of counter door but could not unlock it, so complainant assisted suspect in opening the door. Suspect then ran out the same door he had entered through. Complainant saw a silver car with a round dealership decal on the trunk leave the bank in a hurry, although she was unsure if this was the suspect’s vehicle.

• May 2: Officers responded to a residence off North Fox Den when complainant came home and found his rear door kicked in. Complainant stated he had been out of town since April 30. Complainant stated the only things missing were a handgun, magazines and a watch. Complainant was unable to locate serial number for the weapon at the time of report.

• May 2: Suspect was stopped for running a stop sign at Grigsby Chapel Road and Smith Road. After a records check, suspect was found to be driving on a revoked license.

• May 4: Officers were called to Kustom Pro Painting due to a call of burglary. Complainant cleans the business and came in to find a window had been pushed out and money was missing from the cash drawer. Business owner stated there were $600 missing.

• May 4: Officers responded to address off Peterson Road after complainant called to report his garage door had been kicked in. The unknown suspect removed two jewelry boxes containing miscellaneous types of jewelry from an upstairs bedroom.

• May 5: An officer was dispatched to Petro’s Truck Stop off Watt Road on a theft call. Complainant told officers that on May 2, an employee arrived late to work, left early and never returned. When suspect left early, complainant checked the cash register the suspect had worked on and found $996.69 was missing. Another employee had totaled up the money prior to suspect began work. At that time, the money was accounted for. Complainant tried calling suspect several times but could not reach her.

• May 5: An officer responded to KFC Restaurant off Kingston Pike on report of a theft. Upon the officers’ arrival, complainant stated she was going to bank to make a deposit. She stated that when she arrived at her vehicle, she discovered she did not have her cary keys. She place the deposit bag, containing $5,769.13 in cash, on the middle console of her vehicle, left the driver’s side door open, and “ran inside” to get her keys. She stated when she returned to her vehicle, bank deposit bag was missing. There was no one in the parking area at the time of the theft.

• May 5: Officers responded to a residence off Gwinhurst Road when complainant called to report his parents were in a verbal argument. Both suspect and victim stated they were in an argument over their on-going divorce. Both parties stated there was no type of physical altercation. Suspect was served with an order of protection; suspect packed some belongings and left the residence.

• May 6: Officers responded to a residence off Comblain Road on report of a domestic matter. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the suspect. He stated he and his wife were in a verbal argument. Suspect stated he and his wife were separated and in the process of getting a divorce. Suspect stated the victim did not want a divorce and was upset. Victim stated she had an order of protection against suspect that was not served. Suspect was served with order while on scene and victim agreed to leave the residence and return to her mother’s house in Ohio until court date. Victim was advised of her rights and remedies as a domestic violence victim both verbally and with a domestic violence blue card.

• May 6: Officers responded to Pilates 141 on report of a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, victim stated her ex-husband came to her place of business and began to yell and curse at her because of their recent divorce. Victim stated that after the suspect caused the disturbance, he left the business in an unknown


• May 6: Victim stated that during the night, an unknown suspect stole his van from his place of employment. Victim advised the van was locked. A bumper sticker on the rear of van read “Next time you think you’re perfect, try walking on water.” There was also a Star 102.1 sticker on bottom left corner of rear windshield and a sticker which said “Super Chips: in the top center of the rear windshield. An air freshener on his rear view mirror had “Godfather’s Pizza” written on it. Victim advised he was in the process of moving and had a television, clothes, shoes, a briefcase, 10 DVDs, cologne, CDs, a knife and a black leather coat in the van.

• May 7: An officer responded to a burglary call at a residence off Woodland Track Drive. Officer met with the victim, who reported an unknown suspect kicked open the front door of his home. Suspect entered the home, ransacked every room, and took property from the den and upstairs bedroom. Suspect stole a watch, computer, a ring, leather credenza and a gift card.


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