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• I grew up in the South and am from an old Southern family. I have also lived all over the world as well as the U.S., including the North. One thing that is different about Northerners and Southerners is Northerners want to create issues so they can impose their culture on others. That is fine when you are living in the North — minding peoples business so you can tell them what they are doing wrong is part of the culture, but it is not in the South. Southerners tend to take life in stride and mind others business when asked if they are able to help in the way someone ask them to help. All these new rules and laws and regulations Northerners want to start imposing are not for us.

• I am infuriated by these Democrats in Congress who have blocked new oil production in this country. All they do is talk about alternative energy and pass subsidies for ethanol, which drives food prices up around the world. I blame Congress for the high prices we’re paying at the pump. There is more oil in Alaska and offshore in the Gulf [of Mexico] than there is in the entire Middle East. But Democrats seem to think that a few hundred caribou are more important than the American people.

• I’m calling in regards to the person that [called] in about the Farragut-Bearden baseball game that was played in Oak Ridge. I totally agree with that person that the parents of Farragut are a travesty to the game of baseball. I came over from Charlotte 20 years ago, and in our association in Charlotte we had parents that acted the same way, and we constituted a ban on parents sitting behind the third base and first base sides, and put bleachers out in the outfield and made the parents of the players sit out in the outfield. And that seemed to relieve the situation a great deal. This might be something that the local associations might want to consider, particularly for the parents of the Farragut players. I used to umpire softball in this area, and I also saw this happen a tremendous amount of times.

• Some people who call up need to check their facts. Regarding the McFee Road land acquisition that is to be given to the Knox County education board, three of the five Farragut Board members are supporting it. And those members are Tom Rosseel, [Dorothy] Dot [LaMarche] and John [Williams]. The Mayor [W. Edward “Eddy” Ford III] and the Vice Mayor [Mike Haynes] are not supporting it — period. … Tom Rosseel is proposing a recycling center on the Farragut Board. As a homeowner, I would not want a recycling center near my home or near any of our beautiful parks — period. There is a recycling center only a few miles from us that takes about 10 to 15 minutes by car — period. We do not need a recycling center — period.

• I am appalled that our Farragut Mayor does not think recycling is important enough for his city. It is our responsibility to recycle, and to fund this it is not too much trouble or too much expense, and it certainly does not have to look like a garbage dump because it is not a garbage dump, it is a recycle center. Obviously he does not recycle or he would know what a nice one looks like.

• Thank you, thank you to the lady who [called] in about the two kids left alone in a car. I applaud you. We in this society are more concerned about our pets than about our children. If that had been dogs left in the car, the people would have been arrested and a large uproar would have emerged from the community. How pathetic are we? God have mercy on our children.

• I’m calling in support of the woman who called in about children she found unattended in a car. Tennessee House Bill 304, enacted July 1, 2007, states it is an offense for a person responsible for a child younger than 7 years of age to knowingly leave that child in a motor vehicle without being supervised in the motor vehicle by a person who is at least 13 years of age. If, one, the conditions present a risk to the child’s health and safety; two, the engine of the motor vehicle is running; or, three, the keys of the motor vehicle are located anywhere inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle. As for the enforcement of this law, or any other motor vehicle law, it’s sporadic, of course, and often based on coincidence, being at the right place at the right time or opportunity, having the time to enforce a motor vehicle law. … I’m glad that she did call the police officers, even though, she certainly, apparently, received a lot of grief from it. Good for her.

• I would like to agree with the person who called in last week stating that the remaining green space along Campbell Station Road and Grigsby Chapel, which is proposed to be a retirement home area, should rather become a park for the community to use since it is the remaining, sole stretch of greenspace along Grigsby Chapel.

• I am shocked that the Mayor of Farragut won’t even allow a study to be taken looking into the possibility of a recycling center here in Farragut. The county facility he cited is like a 15-minute drive from Farragut. Can’t we at least take a look at having one closer to this town and our community? A lot of Farragut residents recycle. I think the Mayor is missing the boat on this one.

• OK, I agree that the roundabout at Concord and Northshore is a great idea and it’s working great. Now, who’s supposed to take care of it? The grass is getting so high in the center that you can’t even see oncoming traffic, and the gravel build-up on the circle itself is getting so deep that you slide around the turn rather than drive around it. If it was such a great idea I hope someone is going to plan on taking care of it.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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• Comments mentioning names of public figures, not issue related, will be published as a “Letter to the Editor” and must be signed.

• farragutpress reserves the right not to publish any comment for any reason.

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That’s it. The forum is open for comments regarding anything you have on your mind — local politics, world affairs, sports, religion, community affairs, city-county unification or anything else.


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