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Reader rejects ‘tree topping’ ordinance

After reading the article in the May 22 issue about the passing of this ordinance, my first thought was to wonder if the Farragut Municipal Commission doesn’t have anything better to worry about than how its residents treat the trees on their private property.

This ordinance is the most absurd idea I have heard in quite some time, and I strongly object to the Town insinuating itself into what should be the private concerns of its citizens.

I don’t argue that “tree topping” is a bad idea in many, if not all, cases. My point is that “they are my trees, and why should the town of farragut care if I kill them?”

The ordinance further adds insult to injury by attempting to regulate when and how I can cut down a tree (“... If you had an 8-inch caliber tree that you’ve removed, you’re going to have to add back four 2-inch caliber trees.”

This is absolutely the dumbest thing I have ever read.

What if I have too many trees in my yard and need to remove some of them?

My neighbor recently had to have several very large dead pine trees removed from their property. This ordinance would seem to say that they have to plant a virtual forest of small pine trees to take their place.

I should probably add that I have no connection to any kind of tree service. I’m just a private citizen who is very angry at the passage of this kind of nonsense. It is clearly not needed and should be rescinded immediately.

Charles A. Reeves Jr.



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