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• With state and federal funding already being cut due to a possible recession and the town of Farragut already stating there’s going to be cuts and project delays because of financing, why on earth would Alderman [Thomas] Rosseel even consider having the town of Farragut spend a considerable amount of money on property the town may or may not be able to use in the future? Especially when the Knox County Board of Education has already said they are cutting back, they can make no promises as to whether or not they will be able to purchase, or use — even if donated — the property for a school. I have to wonder if there isn’t a personal agenda here. Our Town Board needs to start putting the citizens and the Town first, not their own personal agendas. … I just want to verify and clarify some information from the Farragut Board [of Mayor and Alderman] meeting [Thursday, May 22] was referring to the town of Farragut violating the state of Tennessee Open Records Act. There were at least four residents of Belleaire, myself included, one resident of Shiloh and one non-resident of Farragut that I know of that have been denied access to public records by town of Farragut employees. This has been verified as a direct violation of the state of Tennessee Open Records Act by an open records specialist in the state of Tennessee’s Attorney General’s office. ... When everything started with the First Baptist [Concord] expansion and the neighborhoods had to hire an attorney, one of the reasons we had to hire an attorney was because [Town attorney] Mr. [Tom] Hale made the statement he could not talk to us until we hired an attorney. He made a statement [at FBMA meeting] … that there’s never been a problem. Well, how would he know if he wouldn’t talk to anybody if they didn’t have an attorney? … The arrogance of attitude of some of the members of the Board and some of the members of the staff is the problem. The town of Farragut is not above the law, and it is about time someone stood up and did something about it. And they did, and the town of Farragut unfortunately — the citizens — are going to pay for the staff’s and the Board’s arrogance and egos.

• As a long-time resident of Farragut I had to call in about the lady that called the police on the kids being in the car at Kroger’s parking lot. I was sitting in the car waiting on my wife and saw the whole thing happen. The kids were fine, the parents were fine, they were in no danger. The parents said that the kids wanted to sit there and color. There was no danger of any type. I think maybe it was just a case of a noisy neighbor because the kids were fine.

• To the person who called to inform northerners of the difference between northerners and southerners, here’s my perspective. Your assertion that quote, “southerners tend to take life in stride and mind others’ business when asked if they are able to help,” would be correct if only they didn’t smile to your face while talking about you behind your back. At least northerners tell you to your face how they feel about you. And by the way, shame on the farragutpress for printing this malicious comment.

• In response to the northern commenter, I thought that we were one people of one nation under God. I moved here 14 years ago from the north, not to make changes, and had no idea that my residing in Knoxville would make culture changes. I have offered local people the opportunity to support their families with the company I created right here in Knoxville. The north has no idea that the Civil War is still going on. Move on to the 21st Century. We are no different from you. You are the ones fighting progress and making us look different. Remember, “One Nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

• The people who think that the parking lot behind Appalachian Log Homes on Campbell Station [Road] is a street are mistaken. This is a parking lot, not a drive-through. The danger you are putting those that have businesses and the customers parking in the lot is evident. Just because you are too lazy and want to save two minutes off your driving time to go to Campbell Station a few feet down the road. One day a child is going to be run over, or a major T-bone accident of someone pulling out of the parking spot. The owners have installed speed bumps, but now the speed has increased between the bumps. Sounds like Knox County Sheriff is missing out on an opportunity to issue some tickets and make some extra cash for the County. There is also a daycare that is also in danger of children running in between the cars when leaving with their parents who also park in the lot. Be prepared to be stopped and asked what your business is in the lot in the future.

• I would just like everyone else’s opinions on what we should do about gas prices. Is it going to take everybody across the United States to stop going to work and let all public services — police, everything — shut down so maybe our ignorant president can think maybe he should get off his lazy rear end and do something about this? I’m just kinda curious about everyone else’s opinion.

• This week the State Oil Company of Brazil announced another huge discovery of oil in offshore waters. Similar deposits of oil exist in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, Cuba has begun drilling for oil a few miles off the Florida coast. But our own Democrats in Congress continue to block new drilling. We would be self-sufficient and gas would be cheap if it weren’t for Congress’ total lack of support for new drilling of oil. The fact is that Democrats want gas prices to go up so people will use more ethanol. But ethanol is driving food prices up. All of this is getting worse, and Democrats sit there and refuse to change their failed energy policy.

• I was saddened to see the adult in Sugarwood again attack a healthy children’s summer swim program. This is a non-issue when the adult is attacking swimmers using the pool. For over 10 years I have watched, that swimmer has not shown up to use the reserved adult pool lane. And now they say that children shouldn’t be there when children are the only people using the pool. What an irresponsible attitude.

• Mr. Hodges wrote a letter to the editor last week complaining that the gas prices reflected on the sign at Weigel’s is different from the pump prices. He says the price is off by nine-tenths of a cent. It’s hard to believe someone could get that bent out of shape because the nine-tenths is left off the price. He even admits that when people talk about gas prices they say $3.62, not $3.62 and nine-tenths. So what’s the big deal? And from this he wonders if Weigel’s has been misrepresenting the public for 30 years? Give me a break!


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