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• This is a comment concerning the tree topping. … I find this really interesting. As you go along Kingston Pike behind tree trimmers, who were absolutely butchering the trees along the left side of the street going into Farragut — away from Farragut from Campbell Station they’re on the right. And it starts right after the Stein Mart shopping center area. I can’t believe what they did to those trees, and we had some friends with us that were going, “What are those people doing?” It looks horrible. And there are some trees that they now have a big, giant “V” in out of the top of the tree, that they just need to take the tree down. … They need to take all those ugly scrub trees down. Stop doing this. … Plant something that is disease-free and beautiful along that whole strip. It would make that section of Farragut-Kingston Pike look really pretty — and I’m talking both sides of the street. It looks horrible, what they do now. And down Virtue Road, they just butcher all those trees that go through there and it looks awful. So this needs to be addressed. Tree topping is one thing, butchering trees is another.

• I hope one of the first places the town of Farragut decides to put the red-light cameras is at the red light at Campbell Station Road at that entrance to Village Green just past the Farragut Primary School. I drive that way every day, minimum of twice a day, and in the mornings it is absolutely terrifying to see the number of people that during the school year, with their children in the car, run those red-lights. Not to mention dump trucks, moving trucks, delivery trucks, and then just people who, of course, think that wherever they have to be in a hurry is so much more important than obeying the law.

• I am calling in response to the person who [called] in about the parking lot behind Appalachian Log Homes in Campbell Station Road, where people are driving through there as a shortcut to get to Turkey Creek. I, too, was driving by there, and the reason why is because that is so dangerous coming out on Campbell Station Road. If a red-light was put out there it would certainly help. But they may not be aware there is a new road going up in front of Wild Wing that will take you back to Turkey Creek. I am so thankful for that road.

• I’ve been reading your letters about gas prices, and I’m worried that gas prices will go up in the future. Who is to blame for this sorry situation? On May 29, Thomas Owens wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal called “Blame Congress for high oil prices.” Owens is a distinguished professor at the National War College. Part of what he said was, quote, “If Congress really cared about the economic well-being of American citizens, it would stop fulminating against the oil companies and reverse current policies that discourage, indeed prohibit, the production of domestic oil and natural gas.”

• I would like to know why the coverage of the Knoxville Catholic soccer team was so minimal? I understand that the Farragut baseball team won state, but the softball team came in third. Let me remind you that the Knoxville Catholic soccer team won state — the second state title that the school has ever won [preceded by KCHS boys tennis three days before]. Why, I ask, does the softball team get a picture but the Knoxville Catholic state champions did not? This paper is supposed to be a West Knoxville paper, which means it does not just cover Farragut and Bearden. Knoxville Catholic is located on Fox Lonas Road, which is closer to the farragutpress than Bearden. So I think it should get better coverage.

Editor’s Note: Knoxville Catholic boys tennis team picture was kindly submitted to farragutpress and is running in this issue, page 15. We also welcome a submitted picture from KCHS boys soccer. We congratulate both teams for their historic success.

• Homeowners in the Farragut area should be aware: about 3:30 a.m. on May 29, men are driving through area neighborhoods. A garage door was left open by accident during the night, and they gained access to the house through the kitchen door, through the garage. The homeowners were asleep upstairs in the bed. They stole prescription drugs, laptop [computers] and other various items. And when they tried to pull a television out, the noise of the disconnect woke them up, the homeowners. They called 9-1-1. The robbers left hurriedly, stealing their car. The one person was apprehended about eight hours later and is presently in Knox County Jail. But everyone should be very aware that the neighborhoods are being scouted for garage doors being left open, primarily at night. But they should also be aware that they are looking for open garage doors during the daytime.

• I’m responding to the opinion of someone that [said], quote/unquote, “ignorant” president get off of his lazy rear end and do something about the oil prices. … The president does not set gasoline prices. Supply and demand set gasoline prices. The rapid growth of industry in China and underdeveloped countries is what’s driving the gas prices to what it is. The only way to reduce prices is to reduce demand. So if you drive reasonably — and that doesn’t include going 80 miles an hour on 1-40 in your SUV to rush the little ones to whatever dance class they have next. But driving at a reasonable speed and having a car that has reasonable gas mileage will do that more than anything else. This person needs to get their facts straight on what sets gasoline prices. The fact that our Democratic Congress won’t let any drilling go on anywhere in this nation is absolutely ridiculous, and the fact that we haven’t had a new refinery built is absolutely criminal. So blame the politicians but not the president, he has nothing to do with this fight.

• I’m just calling to say thank you for updating the dates on the police reports. I called about a month ago and suggested that the reports be more current, and I’ve noticed that you have corrected that and I appreciate it very much.

• [In response to a caller] who said the solution to our energy problems today is to simply go around drilling up oil all over the planet. That’s no answer. The solution is to do more with less. Become more energy efficient. Become more fuel-efficient. Require higher miles per gallon cars and trucks to be sold. That’s the answer. It’s not to find more, it’s to do more with less. And also, to look at alternative sources such as battery power. We’ve got to come up with another answer besides oil and gas. That’s yesterday’s news, it’s not tomorrow’s solution. … [Regarding tree topping, regardless of its commercial or residential legality], tree topping is ugly, it just looks bad; secondly, tree topping is bad for the tree, it promotes unhealthy growth; and third … no one owns anything, we just have access to property, access to trees, for a period of time. In the bigger picture, we just have use of these trees and this land. We don’t actually own it. [Any ban on tree topping] looks good for our community, it’s healthy for the trees, and it promotes the future well-being of our community.

• What is a neighborhood to do when a swim team that was started with the best of intentions becomes the millstone around the neck of its residents? Such is the situation that many Sugarwood residents find themselves in again this year. Even after fending off a YMCA takeover and having their association dues increased over 132% in a little over a year because of their pool, residents again find themselves having to fight their own swim team in order to use it! This is a swim team that has to derive over 2/3rds of its members from other neighborhoods in order to survive. So can you even consider this a neighborhood swim team anymore? It would appear that the swim team still considers itself entitled to inconvenience Sugarwood residents by demanding and receiving evening practice hours during the weekdays, allowing residents to use only a couple of lanes of their own pool as long as they don’t interfere with the practices. The swim team’s continued influence and control over the neighborhood Board in this matter seems almost mystical. Sugarwood is one of the few neighborhood pools that allow outside members to join, but who would want to join one under these circumstances? More importantly, who would want to come home after a hard day at work and then have to wait until 7:00pm in order for their family to enjoy unrestricted access to their own pool? The very pool that they now pay so dearly to support? While most residents do not object to there being a swim team, this organization should learn to be respectful of those that make it possible for them, and that would be the residents that continue to subsidize their activities. Does animosity continue to exist between the residents and the swim team? Yes, but it’s a situation that could be easily resolved if this swim team would quit seeking to antagonize the residents and practice only in the mornings like the majority of other swim teams in our area somehow manage to do.

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