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Tiebreak Sports opens to train

Tiebreak Sports, an athletic training facility, opened last week in Renaissance | Farragut.

“We’re a sports specific training facility, which means that everything we do is very focused on the athlete’s individual sport,” said Derek Welsh, owner.

“Any level athlete that is looking to take their game or their sport to the next level can benefit by moving better … we focus on footwork, speed, agility, overall conditioning for the athlete,” he added.

“Based on their sport, we create a training session that is really going to be the most beneficial to them. We’re different from a typical gym or health facility where you kind of have your generic machines and just go in and do it yourself,” Welsh said.

According to Welsh, Tiebreak employees and athletes usually work one-on-one or in small groups of three to five people.

“Anybody that is athletic at all and does play a sport can benefit from what we do. It starts there and kind of moves up to high-level athletes,” Welsh said, adding that Tiebreak could help kids wanting to make the cut for school athletic teams or who dream of “turning pro.”

Welsh stressed that the atmosphere was very personal.

“It’s a very small working area because everything we do is about quick movement, so we don’t really need a huge space. You don’t have 300 people watching what you do; you have your trainer and the people you’re training with,” he said.

Welsh did not call Tiebreak’s employees “personal trainers” but “athlete trainers.” Personal trainers usually help an individual get in shape. Tiebreak’s trainers help those who are already athletic.

“[Personal training is] more of an overall get in shape type thing, as opposed to what we do, which is very specific,” Welsh said.

“For people that are already driven and already working out and playing a sport, there’s really a need to assist them to get to that next level. You can only push yourself so far and can only critique yourself to a certain degree. Just like anyone would take private lessons on something, this is, essentially, private lessons on footwork and movement and speed.

“We understand what it takes to be a good athlete and to be as good as you can possibly be, but there is definitely a need for what we do. You just can’t find it in a typical setting.”

Welsh, a Farragut resident, opened in Renaissance because of the development’s


“Renaissance is an up-and-coming area that’s got a really great vibe. It’s not an industrial type atmosphere; it’s not overcrowded. There’s a little bit of everything here and you feel like it’s more of a tight-knit community of businesses,” he said.

“The personality of Renaissance … is kind of what we’re about. It goes hand-in-hand with what we’re doing,” he added.


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