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Traffipax offers ‘bulletproof’ red-light solution
System offers video, boasts ‘no data manipulation’

Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen heard from the second traffic safety system vendor in its quest to install red light cameras at four Farragut intersections.

Dan Foglton of Traffipax Traffic Safety Systems presented the Board with the equipment Traffipax would be installing on the street: a laser sensor on a pole and a camera and flash in a bulletproof camera box.

“From 10,000 feet, all of these vendors look the same. From the roadside, they are vastly different and it is important for you to understand the difference of technology,” Foglton said to Board members during its Thursday, June12, meeting.

Foglton said Traffipax would use no in-ground loops, traffic arms or connections to the city’s traffic box. The system uses one camera per road at each intersection.

According to Foglton, Traffipax has 51 years of experience and the company is one of five lens makers in the world.

“All of the vendors use off-the-shelf cameras … we make all of our own equipment,” he said.

The system takes two photographs of violators, each from the rear. If the laser sensors detect a motorist approaching at a speed that would not allow them to stop in time, it triggers the camera to take a picture of the vehicle before it crosses the stop bar and another after it crosses the bar.

The photographs are imprinted with a data bar (containing information such as the length of the yellow light and speed of the vehicle) at the moment the picture is taken.

“Because this camera was made as a red light camera, we can put the data bar on it at the exact moment the picture is taken,” Foglton said.

“There can be no data manipulation and no claims of data manipulation in this system,” he added.

The camera also takes a 15 second video after it detects a violation to capture any extenuating


If an accident occurs at an intersection, the Traffipax camera system allows police officers to view the video at the scene.

Traffipax employees review violation photographs and videos three times before sending them to a police officer in the Town. After the officer reviews and approves the violations, he sends them back to Traffipax, who mails a printed ticket to the violator.

According to Foglton, about four percent of violators never pay Traffipax tickets. Violators may pay by mail, phone, Internet or in person.

“When the violator pays the violation, you pay us. We will give you a cost neutral guarantee that says the program won’t cost you more than you take in,” Foglton said.

“It is my job to prevent accidents and injuries,” he added.

Red light cameras will be placed at the Campbell Station Road at Kingston Pike, Smith Road at Kingston Pike, Campbell Station at Grigsby Chapel/-Parkside Drive and Kingston Pike at Concord Road intersections.

Board will view presentations from two more traffic safety system vendors before deciding to award a contract.


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