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police reports:

• April 24: Complainant’s mother passed away Dec. 31, and from April 15 through 24, her Greenbank debit card was used by an unknown person for charges totaling $97.62. She states that one of the charges was at Pilot Travel Center off Lovell Rd.

• May 18: An unknown suspect gained entry into victim’s unlocked car and stole her purse.

• May 18: An unknown suspect vandalized victim’s North Fox Den Drive home. Victim was out of town and returned to find potted plants thrown into the pool, a lamppost knocked over and the lines to the air conditioning cut.

• May 20: An unknown suspect cut victim’s catalytic converter from her vehicle.

• May 21: Victim claims that he parked in the driveway of his Oran Drive home and was exiting his car when he was punched in the face and knocked to the ground. Suspect continued to strike the victim until his armed neighbor scared him away. Upon officer’s arrival, victim had obvious bruises developing and was bleeding around his right ear. Rural Metro transported the victim to Baptist West for treatment.

• May 22: Officer was called to the Comfort Inn and Suites off Campbell Station Road for a welfare check. Victim was a guest of the motel and fell asleep in the lobby. Victim told the employee he was on his way home from Detroit and could hear voices. Rural Metro was called to check victim. He refused medical treatment and transport to the hospital. Officers tried to reach adult protective services and left a message. Victim was aware of his surroundings and could answer basic questions. Officer had no legal reason to detain victim and he left to continue his trip.

• May 22: Officers responded to burglary at an Old Colony Parkway home. Complainant stated that an unknown suspect came through the garage and entered the residence through an unlocked door. Suspect stole a purse, computer bag and two weed eaters. The victim canceled the credit cards, which had already been used at Wal-Mart, Kmart, Weigel’s Farm Store and Advanced Auto Parts.

• May 23: An unknown suspect took money from the victim’s wallet in a dressing room. Victim left the wallet in the room, and when he returned the wallet was there but the money was gone.

• May 23: Officer responded to an assault call at Taco Bell off Kingston Pike. Victim says suspect entered and ordered a drink then went to the bathroom. He returned angry and threw a cardboard display at her while yelling and cursing. Suspect grabbed her arm and pushed her to the ground, cutting her arm. He left but returned again. Suspect was issued a misdemeanor citation and banned from the


• May 23: Victim claims that an unknown suspect cut the catalytic converter off his truck while it was parked at Little Joe’s Pizza overnight.

• May 24: Officers responded to a burglary call at a Torrington Court home. Victim claims an unknown person entered her residence through an unlocked door and took the credit cards from her wallet. She closed all accounts, but cards had already been used at Dillard’s department store and Weigel’s Farm Store.

• May 24: Officer responded to a burglary at a Midhurst Way home. Victim left on business for two days and returned to find his residence had been broken into through a sliding glass door. The only items missing were a model airplane, canned drinks and a train whistle. There were no signs of forced entry.

• May 24: An unknown suspect broke into the victim’s vehicle while she was at the YMCA. Front passenger window was broken and several items were missing, including a cell phone, eyeglasses, credit and debit cards and driver’s license.

• May 25: Complainant, an employee of Pilot gas station off North Campbell Station Road, said an unknown suspect drove away without paying for $52.24 worth of gas.

• May 26: A Turkey Creek Road woman advised police the air conditioner unit was stolen from her home.

• May 26: Officer responded to a burglary call off Turtle Dove Way. Victim left her residence at 2 p.m. and returned at 8:20 p.m. to find her door open. Suspect took change from a jar, a blanket and two jackets. Victim stated that sometimes the door would not close.

• May 26: Officers responded to burglary call from an East Kingsgate Road resident. Victim stated that “[Expletive]” was carved into the top railing of his deck. Upon investigation, victim noticed that someone had stolen several items from his home including a guitar, rings, football card collection and watch. Victim stated the items were only accessible through an unlocked glass sliding door that was reachable by ladder.

• May 27: Victim claims to have left a gold ring in his locker when he left work. When he arrived home, he remembered the ring and called back to see if it was still there. The person to whom he spoke said it was not in the locker and had not been turned in.

• May 27: Complainant called officers from the Kroger construction site off Kingston Pike claiming that the door of the electrical room had been taken off the hinges and items from the room were missing.

• May 28: Officers were dispatched to Ingles Market off Kingston Pike concerning a domestic matter. Victim stated she had spoken with suspect earlier on the phone and he was upset because other family members accused him of having a drug problem. Suspect stated he was coming over to her residence to get his daughter; victim said she did not want him there because he did not seem to like himself. Victim wanted law enforcement to escort her to her residence in case the suspect was there. Officers escorted victim to her residence but suspect was not there.

• May 28: Victim stated that unknown suspects have put items in her mailbox on two different occasions on Brighton Court. May 17, victim found food and maggots in her mailbox and May 28, suspects put Play-doh between each piece of her mail. Victim contacted the US Postal Service.

• May 28: Officers were dispatched to a Sweetgum Road residence for a burglary call. A tool in victim’s garage kept the door from closing, so unknown suspect entered his residence and stole his computer bag. Victim’s computer was not in the bag, but several Greek theology books were in it.

• May 28: An unknown suspect broke into the garage of victim’s Maple Tree Drive home and took several items. Victim is unsure if the garage door was shut when he went to bed. There were no signs of forced entry.

• May 29: A suspect at Pilot Travel Center off Campbell Station Road pumped $148 in gasoline into his vehicle and drove off without paying.

• May 30: Unknown suspects entered the victim’s Sweetgum Road residence through a garage door and stole $18,500 worth of jewelry.

• May 30: A suspect attempted to steal $376.93 worth of clothing at Kohl’s department store off Kingston Pike. An employee of Kohl’s confronted the suspect and suspect agreed to go to the loss prevention office where she confessed her intent to steal.

• May 30: Victim advised police that while she was working at Lily’s Bead Box, an unknown suspect stole debit and credit cards from the wallet in her purse.

• May 30: A CVS Pharmacy employee saw two black females running out the door of the store with two bags. Complainant then discovered approximately 16 to 20 packs of Huggies diapers missing. Complainant has the suspects on the store surveillance camera.

• May 30: Officer responded to call from U-Haul off Kingston Pike. Suspect stole several parts of a Ford cargo van. Complainant stated the vehicle was last seen fully intact on May 26. Van was parked in the upper sale lot of the U-Haul facility. Van was stripped of several parts, including the seats, vinyl floor covering, rubber cargo mat, back doors and hard vinyl door panels. Parts will cost $5,500 to replace.

• May 31: Victim, property owner and manager of a residence off West Kingsgate Road said an unknown suspect came onto the property and burned the trash can and mailbox. Victim advised the suspect burnt the trash can two weeks ago and the mailbox the night of May 30. An elderly woman has been renting the house and said this had happened in the neighborhood for about a month. Renter did not see any suspects or hear anything during the night.

• May 31: Officers responded to a burglary call at Farragut Walk-in Clinic. Victim stated that when she came to work, she noticed that someone had broken into the business through the front door. Many drawers had been opened but nothing was missing.

• June 1: A Stone Villa Lane woman advised police an unknown suspect broke the passenger side window of her vehicle.

• June 2: Officers responded to a call from Kohl’s department store off Kingston Pike. Victim stated two shoplifters had tried to steal miscellaneous clothing and threatened her with a knife. Victim began watching a suspicious vehicle on video when it backed into a handicap parking spot near the entrance to the store. Victim then watched two suspects exit the vehicle and enter the store while another male stayed in the vehicle. Victim began watching suspects in the store as they began gathering clothes. Victim went to the entrance to wait for the suspects to leave. As suspects left the store without paying, the victim approached them and suspect said, “Back off [expletive] or I’ll cut you.” Suspects then dropped the clothes and left the store in their vehicle

• June 2: A Gwinhurst Road man advised police that an unknown suspect shot out his street light.

• June 2: Complainant advised that unknown suspect burned the welcome mat on the front porch of their West Kingsgate Road home. Victim said this is a common occurrence in neighborhood. Victim’s house also was egged a few weeks ago and someone turned the outside faucet on. Victim has no suspect information and did not see anyone around the house at that time.

• June 2: Victim’s son was driving vehicle on June 1 to a friend’s house to drink. Victim’s son was too drunk to drive, so he asked an acquaintance to take him home. The son and suspect then got into the vehicle and went to the son’s house. Arrangements were made by son and suspect to bring the vehicle back to victim’s house in the morning. When the son woke up on June 2, the vehicle had not been returned. Victim claimed suspect does not plan to return the vehicle.

• June 3: Officers responded to a disturbance call off West King’s Road. When officers arrived, suspect was standing outside putting her belongings into a U-Haul truck. Landlord, the victim, also was outside waiting on officers. Suspect told officers that she had been renting residence from victim for six months but was moving. Victim had no idea suspect was moving out and came to residence to find out why. She went into residence and shut the door behind her; suspect then found the door locked. Suspect’s son was inside the residence at this time, so suspect punched out the window to gain entry. Victim told officers that she did not know that the son was inside or that the door locked behind her. Suspect had cut her hand on the window and was bleeding. Rural Metro arrived on scene, bandaged her arm and determined that she did not need further medical attention. Suspect will have window fixed prior to moving out.

• June 3: A Virtue Road man advised police that an unknown suspect stole victim’s four-wheeler mini truck from his residence.

• June 3: Complainant, an employee at Petro’s Stopping Center off North Watt Road, advised a white male driving a newer model Ford Taurus stole $61.78 in gas. This was the second time this suspect stole gas from Petro’s. The first time, more than $30 in gas was taken.

• June 5: A Gwinhurst Road woman stated an unknown suspect shot the light post at her residence with what appeared to be a BB gun.

• June 6: An unknown suspect entered the victim’s residence through an open garage door and stole several items, mostly electronics.

• June 6: An unknown suspect hit victim’s vehicle, denting the rear passenger side of vehicle.

• June 6: An August National Way man advised police that he loaned his vehicle to the suspect to borrow for a set time frame. Suspect did not return the vehicle as promised and victim felt it had been stolen.

• June 7: A Mount Olive Road man advised that his wallet was stolen from his wheelchair while he was traveling down Parkside Drive.

• June 7: Officers responded to call at Lost Tree Lane for a welfare check. Victim had called 911 on two different occasions and sounded very disoriented. When officers arrived, the victim refused to answer the door and became belligerent towards officers. Victim finally opened the door and appeared to be very intoxicated. Victim lives alone and neighbors stated the victim had a history of medical problems in the past. Officers called Rural Metro and spoke with victim’s son, who stated that he was in no condition to come and assist the victim. Officers made the decision to send the victim to the hospital for evaluation and for her own safety.

• June 8: A Triple Crown Boulevard man advised police that an unknown suspect broke into two vehicles and took a TomTom GPS system and checkbook. Both vehicles were unlocked.

• June 9: A Gallaher Ferry Road man’s residential alarm was activated. Victim arrived home to find that unknown suspect took a sledgehammer from the victim’s shed and used it to break the glass of his back door. Suspect then entered the residence, took several items and tore out victim’s security camera system and hard drive.

• June 10: Victim was in the Rush Fitness Complex off Kingston Pike when an unknown suspect broke out both windows of the victim’s car.

• June 10: An officer responded to a property damage call off Oran Road. Victim stated that an unknown suspect was operating a vehicle in the neighborhood and had struck her mailbox, causing damage. Victim stated that when she asked the suspect about the incident, he denied hitting her mailbox but said another unknown male whom he worked with hit it.

• June 11: An employee of Pilot Travel Center off Campbell Station Road claimed a suspect pumped $56.40 in gas while another waited in the driver’s seat to drive off. Suspects had paper covering their license plate, but another customer followed suspects and got the tag number.

• June 11: Victim stated that he went to the office of the suspect (victim’s former employer) to pick up tools the suspect had. Victim stated the suspect was keeping his tools until the victim returned a company cell phone. Victim stated that after getting his tool bag from the suspect, several items were missing.

• June 11: Victim stated that he pumped 38 gallons of fuel at Petro’s Stopping Center off North Watt Road. He then drove his truck to the scale in the lot to check his weight, parked the truck and went in to pay for the fuel. Once inside, he was told that he owed money for 149 gallons of fuel instead of 38. He went out to check the pump and found that he did not hand up the pump and an unknown suspect had fueled his or her vehicle. Victim paid for the fuel, but there is no information on the suspect who fueled up on the pump behind him.

• June 12: Victim stated that she was parked on the shoulder of Kingston Pike near Old Stage Road waiting on a tow truck. Victim stated she was walking to the tow truck, parked up the street from her vehicle, when she saw a white Chevy full size work-van stop next to her vehicle. Victim stated the suspect, a white male in his mid-30s, reached into her vehicle and grabbed her purse through the open window. Victim stated the suspect jumped back into the van and sped away west-bound on Kingston Pike.


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