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ē The comments that have been published recently regarding the Northerners have been hurtful, mean-spirited and prejudice against the Northerners. The farragutpress is not following its own policies. Further, I think the Sugarwood pool issue should be addressed directly to the Sugarwood Homeowners Association and not to the farragutpress. Itís the homeownersí responsibility to present any valid complaints directly to their own homeowners board. We donít need to see it in the public forum.

ē I had to laugh when I read a little more closely the Farragut city administratorís proposed budget for next year published in your paper. This is the same administrator who told the Board that Farragut had plenty of money to buy a vacant tract of land at a price well above market price to hold and hope Knox County might someday decide to build a school on. I noticed his budget proposes to spend some 41 percent more in expenditures that the city takes in in revenues. And he proposes a 21 percent increase in personnel costs. A big chunk of the cityís tax funds. Ask UT, Knoxville, Knox County and state of Tennessee employees what size salary increases they expect in 2008. Wake up Board. This man is blowing smoke at you and wasting our taxpayersí money.

ē Talking about tree topping, itís just amazing to me how the town of Farragut let [a local business] absolutely butcher the front of one of the best looking subdivisions that weíve got in our neighborhood, and thatís Farragut Crossing. Iím glad they couldnít do that down here in Sugarwood. Seems like the town talks out of both sides of their mouth ... On gas prices, itís amazing to me that these people all vote Democrat[ic], and ever since the Democrats have been in there the gas prices have gone up $1.35 a gallon and are still climbing. Not only that, they wonít let you drill for oil in the Atlantic, in the Gulf [of Mexico] or in the Pacific or in Alaska. All these places everybody else drills to get oil, but not the United States. We really appreciate our Democratic Congress.

ē I just wanted to let the town of Farragut people know what wonderful people we have here in the town of Farragut. I had a wreck [recently] on Kingston Pike and I had so many angels, as far as Iím concerned, that stopped to help me and my daughter in our wreck, and trying to do everything they can to get us out. I just cannot tell you enough, thank you, thank you, thank you. I will never know who you were, but I want to tell you deep down how much my daughter and I, my husband, our family just appreciate all that youíve done for my daughter and I. And the town of Farragut, weíre lucky to have you.

ē My family and I were considering moving, and we were looking at Sugarwood as one of our potential neighborhoods. But after reading all the negative comments the neighbors have for each other, whether they support the pool or the swim team, Iím not sure thatís a place I want to live anymore. I would think they could work out their problems face-to-face and not have to bash each other in the community newspaper week after week.

ē Regarding the caller who suggested that Northerners ďstay on your side of the street,Ē Iíd say you need a few lessons on Southern hospitality. Letís all hope this caller isnít a teacher. My blood runs cold when I think of someone with such prejudice teaching our future generations. Iím from the North, but Iíll cross the street anytime to help a neighbor, Northerner or South-erner, who needs my help.

ē The person with the opinion about Northerners trying to run the town of Farragut is much too opinionated for his own good. Why carry a grudge about the Civil War is my first question? It must be a very heavy burden. Secondly, if we paid taxes the way you do, we legally have the right to live here and be part of the community. Thirdly, you did not designate which side of the street you want me to walk on? North, south, east or west? Please loosen up, you might even like me.

ē Reading the comments by Sen. Lamar Alexander [June 12 Guestview] on why he didnít support Climate Change legislation left me with one very big question: how soon can we let him out of office? Seriously, can we afford not to be concerned about climate change because it might raise gasoline prices 58 cents by the year 2030? If we donít do something about climate change soon we wonít be worrying about gas prices in 2030. Itís hard to believe the senator doesnít think we should support wind power because windmills are ugly, but he supports oil wells in national parks. Clean energy is available now, but unfortunately if it doesnít support the oil and energy industry, no one seems interested.

ē I canít even afford to fill up my Honda Accord, and Democrats in Congress are trying to pass hundreds of billions of dollars in new taxes on oil producers. They know very well that this tax would be passed on to consumers in the form of higher gas prices. Thatís just what the Democrats want, so as to create more unrest in advance of the election. At least one member of Congress has some sense. Our own representative has introduced a bill to open the Alaska wilderness and offshore areas to drilling. Too bad the Democrats, who control Congress, will never let this legislation get to the floor for a vote.

ē I donít understand why the Sugarwood people are complaining to the paper about their problems with their swimming pool. It looks to me like thatís an issue that ought to be taken up with their homeowners association.

ē We know many that saw the traffic jam in front of the Renaissance Saturday. People trying to get to the fresh produce being sold. They had to have people directing traffic. Isnít it a shame our city officials donít see that a decent place is provided for our farmers to set up and sell produce on Saturdays? This week they sold out of everything. What about the schoolyards or around many of the empty buildings that Farragut now has? Come on Aldermen and Mayor. The Mayor ought to know about farms, farm items especially, and produce if he was raised on a farm.


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