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• The Commissioner of CBFO Softball, Don Hutcheson, deserves a huge thank you for his many hours of dedication to this amazing girls softball program in our community. We also very much appreciate his response to players’ and parents’ concerns about preserving our summers and his starting and ending the season earlier this year. Thank you for a great 2008 softball season.

• I was born in Baton Rouge, La., I’ve lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Massachusetts, New York and Tennessee. There are nice people and mean people all over. When we tell people to stay on their side of the street, we are not nice no matter where we come from. And this is in response to that [person] that called in [recently] about the northerners.

• Isn’t this just great. The very week the U.S. Senate refuses to put a tax on the obscene profits of the oil industry, we have Congressman John Duncan posing with our local version of an Arab sheik, spouting the big oil propaganda of “everything will be just fine if you let us pillage every green spot remaining on this planet for the sake of a relative few drops of oil.” It’s like a heroin junkie clamoring for one more fix. Face it, the answer lies in what U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander was promoting several weeks ago. We need to convene the brightest minds and begin searching for the best way to fuel our vehicles and our economy. And why not use a tax on big oil’s profits to pay for this? Oil is dead. What is left on this planet is rapidly being depleted. Going in another direction is how we can best meet our future needs. Couple this with stronger federal and state enforcement of conservation of energy and this presents a winning combination. I sure would like to see Congressman Duncan leading the charge for making all U.S.-sold vehicles achieve a higher miles per gallon within a very short time frame rather than simply pandering to the SUV and big gas guzzler crowd.

• On that South versus North nasty comments against the northerners, for northerners to mind their own business. Just keep in mind these three facts: the main reasons for Knoxville’s financial/commercial success today are due to northerners. Washington, D.C., gave us TVA and the Oak Ridge Nuclear center. And Dr. Carrier, from New Jersey, developed air conditioning. Without air conditioning, southerners would be retiring up north. And they wouldn’t have to be hearing ignorant remarks while they’re up there.

• The Democrats who control Congress have come up with another lame excuse to vote against more drilling of oil and gas. A Democratic leader from Illinois says that drilling for more oil is not a long-term solution to our energy needs. This is true, of course. More domestic drilling would lower gas prices, eliminate our trade deficit with countries like Saudi Arabia and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs for oil workers and those who supply them. But it would only do this for the next 50 or 100 years. No one knows how long because the Democrats won’t even let us explore offshore and in Alaska. Just what does the Democratic leader consider long-term? A thousand years? The real reason why Democrats oppose more drilling is that they’re getting big contributions from alternative energy lobbyists. In return, Congress votes more subsidies with our tax dollars and blocks the only kind of energy that really works, fossil fuels. To me, this is just old-fashioned political corruption. Democrats are causing gas prices to go higher. When are they going to put the American people ahead of their petty political ambitions?

• This is a comment about the trees that were butchered and cut along the right-hand side of Concord Road if you go from Kingston Pike towards Northshore — it’s before you get to the cemetery. They used to trim those trees back. But again, I don’t know if it’s the town of Farragut or who it is, but they just continually butcher the trees here. It looks horrible, and some of those trees are rather large. It sure is a shame that they cut down that pretty tree line. We enjoyed driving past them on our way home and now they’re gone.

• I have a couple things I want to talk about. Number one, a lot of people are complaining about trees being cut or topped in the Farragut area. Just where were all these people when the 30-plus acres of trees were cut behind Kohl’s for a new subdivision? Number two, people are complaining about not drilling for more oil in Alaska. Ninety percent of the oil from Alaska is not used in this country, it is sold to Japan and China. And number three, according to CEO of the largest oil refinery on the West Coast, the majority of his product is also exported. So yes, the oil companies are responsible for our oil prices and they’re gouging us. The Republicans were in control of Congress when a ban was put on offshore oil drilling in the mid-’80s.

• (via e-mail) I would like to report that the workers who are constructing JCPennys have been sitting on the top of the wall and having lunch, which is fine because it is a nice shaddy place. But it is not OK that they throw there [sic] garbage on to the ground. They throw maps, cups and food rapers [sic] on the ground. We get on to people who litter up the roads when we do not get on to the construction workers. I hope that someone will talk to these people and tell them to stop littering. I know that we have distroid [sic] our Earth a little but that does not mean that we need to distory [sic] it the rest of the way.


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