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• I just have to laugh at those recent … comments made to presstalk regarding our energy crisis. What is wrong with these folks? Can they believe that the answer is really to drill in every square inch of the United States for oil? That’s not a solution, that just creates more of a mess. The answer is truly in taxing the big oil companies and using that money and their excess profits — obscene profits — to fund alternative sources of energy such as better electric-powered cars. That’s where the future is. Oil is in our past. It’s done.

• I’ve been reading with interest this running commentary going back-and-forth about the North versus South issue. I read [recently] in the paper of a northerner commenting that if southerners retired up North they wouldn’t hear these ignorant comments. Frankly that’s not true. When I lived in the North I recalled being asked if I wore shoes; if I had indoor plumbing; if I graduated the seventh-grade, and if my main mode of transportation was a tractor. The truth is ignorance is everywhere. What we need to concentrate on now is it doesn’t matter where you’re from originally. We now live in East Tennessee, in Knoxville and Farragut. It doesn’t matter where we’re from, be it from the North, be it from the South or even from another country. We’re all East Tennesseans now and we need to concentrate on making our community better, and we need to get past all these petty differences and working on making our community a better place to live.

• I just read about the Farragut town perhaps holding up the opening of Kroger because of local red tape. … If one needs anymore evidence of the lack of proper support of businesses in the town of Farragut all you need to do is read an article like this. It’s just incompetent … that they cannot get a street address properly for Kroger on time so that they can open on time.

• First of all I’d like to say the war between the North and the South is over. Give it a rest.

• I wanted to second the comments about the horrible job done, the absolute butchering of the trees on Concord Road. I understand it’s a busy roadway, there are power lines and they need to be trimmed. The manner in which it’s done is really an eyesore and they look absolutely horrific. Concord Road right before the cemeteries, very nice little piece of road. It’s rather scenic. There’s a number of nice neighborhoods here. And it really looks awful. It’s amazing what a horrible job they did. Some trees are halfway cut down, some are a fourth of the way cut down. It’s just absolutely horrific what they did. It looks like something out of a disaster movie. I can’t believe that the city of Farragut did that. It’s absolutely disgusting. Beautify Farragut? I don’t think so.

• I just read the article in the farragutpress about Kroger not being able to obtain a street address due to a walking trail on the horse farm. This situation is an excellent example of why the “Not in Farragut” sign on Concord Road is significant to anyone who wants to open a business in this area. I think Kroger corporate offices should sue the town of Farragut for allowing this staff oversight that led to this costly delay in opening their new store. And by the way, sales tax revenues pay the salaries of Town staff who constantly bite the hands that feeds them. Is it time for a house cleaning?

• We have noticed First Utility District is going to raise the price of water being used for washing clothes and sewer. They don’t mention raising the price on drinking water because it is too sorry to drink. Most people buy their drinking water at the retail stores. If the water price is going to be raised, they need to put a water filter in front of each house and change it out every month to filter the water so people would be able to have drinking water. A water price increase is absolutely a disgrace for such bad water. The price ought to be cut in half. Whatever happened to part of the federal government that checks our drinking water. Every person that eats out at restaurants … they will ask for lemon or soft drinks. We believe the people that work at the water company buy their drinking water. Let the water company by with selling such filth? People should refuse to pay their water bills until something is done.

• Shall we assume that the farragutpress is in favor of drilling for oil in Alaska’s national wildlife refuge? Other than bringing our worst fears to life that the next generation is too interested in video games and text messaging to care about the environment and preserving our national treasures, the article regarding Jacob Gibson did nothing but advocate a Web site that does nothing but blast anyone who is in favor of protecting one of this country’s last truly natural places. Please tell me that our schools are doing a better job of teaching our kids about protecting the environment and researching the facts before assuming that something is true.

• Via e-mail: Wrecks are going to occur with or without cameras like the wreck in last week’s paper. I think these cameras are going to hurt the taxpayer especially the lower income families. Does the town not reap enough revenue on the taxes paid by the citizens presently? I know some town engineers in other cities do surveys that show how many cars are passing through lights or areas at certain times. It doesn’t look like any studies have been done here. There are no flashing yellows or reds anywhere at night when traffic is gone. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a flashing red light where Food City and Kroger come out across from each other and a flashing yellow heading south toward Concord Hills on Concord Road. Still this may only be feasible later at night depending on the short study engineers should make. With the higher fuel prices, stopping and starting can waste fuel, especially with the heavier vehicles. I would think the town has a few vehicles that the taxpayers are putting fuel in. Farragut needs to start thinking about different ways to save its citizens money as well as itself.


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