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Knox ‘green’ mold removal available

Since last June, Breathe Green has been offering a wide range of mold removal services to the Knox County area.

“We offer mold testing, inspection, and remediation, which is the actual mold removal,” said Breathe Green owner Tom Gibbs.

Breathe Green approaches mold remediation in a new, environmentally friendly way.

“Most mold removing companies use several different kinds of chemicals, but our products are 100 percent organic,” Gibbs said.

Organic materials are not all that set Breathe Green apart from other mold removing


“We pride ourselves in being able to easily find the source of the mold, because that’s the one thing we have control over. We can’t determine the size of the house, initial moisture, or what the house is made of, but we can find where the mold is and then decide how to treat it,” Gibbs said.

“We start with identifying the problem, figuring our where that’s coming from, whether it be a plumbing leak, a foundation or crawlspace sinking, or an air conditioning system. We have set things we do to figure out where that comes from, why it is happening and fixing it … We install our organic products and physically remove the mold with a HEPA vacuum,” he added.

This process will rid the building of the mold, but it does not prevent a future mold breakout.

“The remediation will solve the initial problem, but the advice that I give regarding preventing future problems is to fix the moisture problem … If I tell folks, ‘This is what you need to do’ and they don’t do it, it’s beyond my control, but nine times out of 10 I can tell them what they need to do and they fix it,” Gibbs said.

Breathe Green provides services to any home in the Knoxville area, and are expanding to different types of


“We do commercial; I mean, to be honest with you, we don’t do a lot of it, but we don’t shy away from it. The areas we’re really trying to get in on are hotels and apartment complexes,” Gibbs said.

“I definitely do all of Knox County; I’m shying away from all of East Tennessee. We’re focusing on this area because of gas prices, because we do an initial inspection for free … so if they call for inspection and decide not to use us, we’re losing money.

“The price depends on the size of the house or the amount of mold … sometimes it’s a high spore count and other times it’s growing all over the place so it really depends ... but against other businesses, the price difference is very comparable, usually less expensive,” he added.

For more information, call 865-675-3130 or visit Breathe Green at 519 Lovell Road.


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