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• Via e-mail: Thank you for your “ourview” on New Energy Sources. It was refreshing to see something positive on these pages. All of the American automobile manufacturers also have been involved in working with Hydrogen Fuel Cell research; however the current administration has pegged all funds for Hydrogen research to be linked to Hydrogen from Oil sources. Meanwhile, Honda has created a Solar powered Hydrogen production and refueling station, no oil required. Many countries also are already using Hydrogen generatorers to power homes and businesses. Hydrogen is readily available and it doesn’t pollute ... what’s not to like? Unfortunately, we will not be able to move forward with any initiatives or technology that might help our country if they might hurt oil interests and politically connected pockets until we get “Big Oil” out of the White House. It’s time we all speak up and demand that things start being done for the benefit of our country as a whole, not just the pockets of a few!

• Let’s look at what it will cost each person to recycle the items they want separated: glass, colored glass, plastic, paper, aluminum and steel. The time it takes you to do all of this, two or three hours has passed plus all the cost of gas you will have used. Who gets the money when this trash has been recycled? We hear now they are wanting to raise taxes when they need to be lowered in Knox County. How is it going to help you to recycle? Just figure up the extra gas you will be using going to various places to get rid of the items they want to sell for a profit for someone’s pocket. One trip to the recycle location and garbage dump will cost a minimum of $10 in gas. We don’t work for the city or county. … [Concerning] all the talk about the northerners and southerners living in Farragut, I think we saw several truck-and-trailers headed north on 1-75 last week. We wondered who these people were going north. Now maybe all this talk will stop. Also, there were no Rebel flags on these trucks and trailers going north on 1-75.

• It seems like Economics 101 to me: produce more apples and the price of apples comes down. In the last five years, we’ve produced too many homes and condos. As a result, the price has come down 20 percent nationwide. If Democrats in Congress would get out of the way and let us drill, we would see a greater supply of oil and gas. The result would be lower prices. But the Democrats don’t really want lower prices. They want the American people to pay higher prices at the pump so they can enrich their alternative energy friends. I hope everyone signs the “Drill Now” petition on the Internet. Maybe then the do-nothing Democrats in Congress will get the message.

• Kudos to you for your article about new energy sources and to those who’ve [called] to presstalk. I’m glad to see that other people in East Tennessee agree that it’s time to move past our oil dependence and move forward to new technology. Drilling is not the answer. It’s time for us to come up with some new ideas.

• Once again Farragut’s skies were aglow with fireworks. Every subdivision seemed to contribute to our air and noise pollution and the flagrant disregard for Knox County’s rule of not permitting fireworks. These kids, and their permissive parents, need to realize they are breaking the law and causing public safety concerns. It’s dangerous to drive on subdivision streets because of kids [inaudible] and the streets are a blasting-off place. Dry lawns and roofs present a big fire concern. Your neighbors and dogs do not appreciate your manner of celebrating and this inconsideration. Farragut is a strict enforcer of its codes, rules and regulations. Except for this. I’ll give you a chance on the next fireworks event: on Labor Day and New Year’s Eve.

• Via e-mail: I realize Gettysvue is not in Farragut, but since we receive the farragutpress I felt my neighbors should know about an incident that happened to me last Wednesday, June 25, while having lunch inside the clubhouse. My car was broken into in the parking lot – a window was broken out and a crowbar was taken to the door frame in order to steal my digital camera which I had forgotten was in the floor on the passenger’s side. The door must even be replaced to the tune of about $4,000! My car can be repaired and I have been majorly inconvenienced, but I am literally heartbroken over my camera. Now I have not one picture of my son’s recent high school graduation, of our recent family vacation, etc. The really sad part is that this is the fourth car burglary that we have experienced over the years, all in Gettysvue! Three in our driveway at night and now one at the clubhouse at high noon! I doubt these thugs read any newspaper, but if by some small chance that they see this, I would ask that they please return my camera, but more importantly my memory card. Or if someone has bought a Canon Power Shot A510 from someone off the street of late, please return it to the club and they can contact me. It is very important to me to have these memories to look back upon. I will even pay a reward.

• I find it amazing that people out here still can’t come to grips with navigating a round-about. This past week alone I have witnessed two vehicles on two separate ocassions stop inside the circle to allow a vehicle to enter from eastbound Northshore Drive. It’s almost like the credit card commercial on TV where the customer stops the flow of commerce to write a check or pay cash. It’s really simple folks. If you’re inside the circle you keep going. Don’t stop. If you are approaching you have to yield to traffic inside the circle.


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