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Kudos for Fox Den fireworks

They do it every year, and every year it seems to get bigger and better! I’m talking about the spectacular Fourth of July fireworks exhibition put on by the Fox Den Golf and Country Club. For several years our family has parked on Boring Road to see this fabulous display. It is an activity made even more special by seeing hundreds of people from our community gathering around the golf course area to see the same sights. It was so much fun listening to all the “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowd. There was even applause and cheering at the end of the event.

This fireworks display must cost the country club thousands of dollars to produce, but the benefits to our community are priceless! Since many people are staying home for the holidays (due to the rising costs of traveling), we are certainly fortunate to have this fabulous presentation in our own back yard! It is another wonderful benefit of living in Farragut.

We just want to publicly thank the Fox Den Golf and Country Club for this wonderful contribution to our community. We can’t wait until next year’s Fourth of July fireworks production!

Sherrell & Rebecca Greene & family

North, South

differences noted

In response to the letters regarding North vs South. A good book if one wants to begin to understand the differing cultures of the United States is “Albion’s Seed, Four British Folkways in America” by David Hackett Fischer.

Most don’t realize that our ancestors fought a civil war in England before migrating to America, and it was North versus South in England. The difference between Northern culture and Southern culture is huge. And to deny this is ignorance. I have never heard a Southerner say there is no difference, only Northerners proclaiming that fallacy.

The fundamental difference between Northerners and Southerners is, Northerners love order and fear anarchy vs Southerners who love liberty and fear tyranny.

There are other obvious differences of course, such as, manners. Southerners tend to be more genteel and speak with a more melodious accent. This is from the Aristocracy who settled the South versus the Puritan culture that settled the North.

Also, Northerners tend to want to mind everyone’s business but their own. They tend to want to tell everyone how to live their lives and tell them what it is they think others are doing wrong.

Southerners tend to try living their lives on Biblical principles. I could go on, but clearly there is a cultural difference between Northern and Southern.

When a Northerner moves South they tend to want to tell Southerners how to go about changing things to fit their Northern ways. I never heard a Southerner up North tell a Northerner how they need to change to the Southern way.

So yes, there is a difference in the cultures. And we need to preserve our very rich Southern history and culture. If you are from the North, I know how uncomfortable it is to be outside your culture, I experienced that myself the few times I lived in different Northern states. I was never happy in the North. Being back in the Southern culture is like throwing a fish back. There is nothing better.

So, I sympathize with the Northerner living in the South. It is different. You should move back where you feel comfortable, because it never gets easy being a fish out of water.

Joan Mirshak


Mayor’s comments


I was very disappointed with the comments expressed by our Mayor [W. Edward “Eddy” Ford III] to those in attendance at the recent town meeting requesting assistance in finding ways to avoid Farragut’s loss of key public transportation services by the possible elimination of the popular Farragut connection to Knoxville public transportation.

Mayor Ford’s comments indicated he saw this as request to subsidize riders.

Public transportation is key component of government funding with federal funds providing the capital dollars to build the infrastructure required for developing a vital vibrant public transportation network (the recent ground breaking of the downtown transit center for example).

Operating funding has not been part of the federal funding; the local transportation authorities are to develop budgets and efficiencies to provide for those funds.

Congress is currently considering relief via a recent passage in the House of a $1.7 billion operating funding measure to help transportation systems nationwide recover from the unprecedented recent cost in energy over the next two years.

Every community must understand access to the public transportation system is becoming more and more vital to all of our citizens.

Farragut is not 20 miles from Knoxville city limits, we are connected to the city by finger annexation supported by and favored by the city.

The Farragut Park and Ride is within one mile of the closest city boundary at Belk – Parkside [Drive].

Public transportation may not be a service you or someone you know needs or wants today, but fast-forward to the tomorrow when we in Farragut lose our transportation link.

It would appear our community is moving in the wrong direction.

Nationally, community after community across our country is working diligently to grow and build their connection to these systems.

Are we progressive?

Ron Slone



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