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Family opens second business in Renaissance

Derek and Cherie Welsh have opened their second business, Digitize It Now, in Renaissance | Farragut.

Derek recently opened Tiebreak Sports, a specialized athletic training company.

Digitize It Now specializes in converting older media to newer types of digital or media files, such as VHS to DVD, eight track to CD or MP3 or slides and photos to JPEG digital images.

Derek claimed his inspiration for opening this business was the stream of natural disasters in recent years.

“I remember seeing people in front of their homes getting interviewed, saying ‘You know, we’ve got insurance … but the one thing we can never get back are our personal items, photos and family memorabilia,’” Derek said.

Derek, a musician, is familiar with converting audio and visual files.

“[I’ve spent] thousands of hours spent recording, and in studios and doing video edits and that kind of thing,” he said.

“Our big thing is the old eight-millimeter, the slides with no sounds … LP records, eight-track tapes … we do straight up photo scanning,” Derek said.

“We can scan to a disk or create a piece of art, really, a slideshow,” his wife, Cherie, added.

“Everybody has this old stuff, and the most important thing is for people to realize that a lot of these old formats, they won’t last forever. They’ll fade, break and crack over time. When something goes to a DVD or a CD, it will just about last forever.

“The format may change, but you’ll always be able to access that,” Derek said.

“You know, you back up your computer, and this is kind of like backing up your life; that’s what we’re doing over here,” he added.

“We just have a real love for this stuff anyway, and it’s something you get a lot of self-satisfaction from, because when people sit down and watch what you’ve put together for them and they’re actually able to share things with family members … they get really emotional,” he said.

“I think it’s really important to love some aspect of what you do. It’s more important than the money.

“You’re not always going to enjoy working; you’re not always going to enjoy exercising or playing a sport, but if one part of it is enjoyable, that’s a great thing,” he added.

The Welsh family decided to open their second business in Renaissance because of its family-friendliness.

“We love the vibe here … it’s very open and artsy and has an earthy feel about it,” Derek said.

“And it’s very family friendly. And that was a big concern of mine: I wanted a place where my kids could grow up,” Cherie added.

“We decided, when we came to an agreement about doing two places side-by-side, we knew we were going to be putting everything in it … so we wanted to be able to make it comfortable.

“It’s a family business. They love it here,” she said of her sons, ages 6 and 3.

“It’s been great so far,” Derek added.

For more information, call 865-686-5756 or visit


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