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ē We feel the name of the street where the new Kroger will be located should be Concord Center Way. There are many good reasons to name it after this small community. Ö Letís see if the Mayor will step in and name this Concord Center Way. Everyone would like this, plus [it] letís people know where itís located. Or even Concord Center View. This is something that needs to be done regarding the old town close by.

ē Why canít the law of banning fireworks be enforced? Every year, in every neighborhood, seems to show the increased use of fireworks. Danger of fire and car accidents and personal safety should be a concern to law enforcers. Let these fireworks lovers move to Loudon County ó and we wonít miss them at all.

ē I want to thank the gentleman recently featured in the farragutpress who has established a recycling center located on the right side of Kingston Pike just as you head east and just before Lovell Road. It would be nice if the town of Farragut would at least provide some promotional support for this initiative, seeing how the Mayor was so adamantly opposed to even taking a look at offering recycling to the residents of Farragut.

ē Kudos to the lady who wrote the letter in last weekís paper explaining the defense of our Southern culture. She hit the nail right on the head. Itís not about where the outsiders come from; itís about changing our history, lifestyle and heritage. Plus, new Southerners should reread history. The War Between the States was about statesí rights, not slavery, as has been written by Northern history book writers. The South seceded from the United States as did the colonies from England.

ē Iím calling in regard to comments made about the drinking water of First Utility [District]. I think the people need to do a little bit more research and know what theyíre talking about before they start saying bad things about a utility company.

ē†This is to the person who thinks recycling is too much trouble. Recycling is the Christian thing to do. As Christians, we donít only do things in case they benefit ourselves. The earth and all itís natural resources are gifts from God and we are the only caretakers.

ē Does anybody know if the elected positions in the town of Farragut such as the mayor, the board of aldermen and so forth, are paid positions or not? And if they are, how much these people are paid and where we can find the information?

Editorís Note: The elected officials for the town of Farragut are unpaid positions.

ē I heard on the news today that Sevier County also is being accused of violating open records laws in the state of Tennessee. Nice, big, very out-there kind of investigative reporting. Yet, weíre seeing nothing about the town of Farragut, and the town of Farragutís been blatantly doing this for almost a year. I want to know why? Letís make sure our elected officials are obeying the law. If theyíre not, letís [them] out come next election. And those employees who are being paid with our tax dollars, if you canít follow the law be prepared to lose your employment. Thatís the way it is in private industry, you break the rules you lose the job. The same thing should go for the Town.

ē Iíve heard Democrats say that oil is not the future. If thatís true, why is Brazil rushing to develop itís vast oil reserves off itís Atlantic coast? Why is China teaming up with Cuba to drill 90 miles off the Florida coast? Why is the Norwegian National Oil Company exploring for oil in the Arctic? Why is Russia so determined to develop its oil reserves in Siberia? Why has Iraq stated it plans to double oil production in the next three years? Why is every country in the world except the United States determined to drill for as much oil and natural gas as it can? We are the only nation that prohibits its own companies from drilling in the most promising areas. As a result, we import 70 percent of our oil and prices have doubled since Democrats took control of Congress. Wind and solar will only supply two percent of our energy needs in the future. Ethanol has been a global disaster, starving millions as it burns the worldís food supply. The truth is oil and natural gas are the future for as long most of us will be here. Itís time to produce more of it by drilling now.

ē I want to help the person who called complaining about having to recycle as if it was a burden. Recycling can be painless, and even enjoyable, after you get the hang of it. Number one, sort the recyclables as you go by having separate containers for each type: one for mixed paper, one for newspaper, one for glass, etc. Number two, only drive to the recycling center in conjunction with other errands. Donít make special trips to recycle causing the use of more fuel. Itís really very simple. Ö Recycling does not cost us money, itís the opposite. Ö It is trash that costs us money in taxes, paying for landfills, garbage trucks and environmental clean up. If we recycle diligently, we could reduce trash by 80 percent, at least. This would create huge savings for the city and county in terms of gas, equipment, wages ó and above all landfill costs. And when our government saves money, that is completely our money that is being saved. And the savings do not stop there. When we care for the environment, we are saving future costs of cleaning it up.

ē In response to the irrational ravings about our local water, I can only say that this person must be bored and has time to waste to make shameful accusations about our water supply. I can see that they also have money to burn if they purchase bottled water. The Farragut water meets all federal, state, and local requirements for potable water systems. It provides most of the minerals your body needs, where bottled water provides none. Local water taste is excellent based on my experience in various locations in the United States, Europe, Asian and South America. You are very lucky not to have water that smells and tastes like sulphur or worse. Get off your high horse and get behind an issue that might make a difference.

ē I canít help but reply to a number of articles in the presstalk section of the newspaper. The last time the Federal Budget was balanced was under a Democratic Administration. The continued ravings from a local Republican is just a demonstration why the republicans are loosing seats in the House and Senate, and will soon loose the presidency. Bush has done more for the Democratic Party than any one person in years, good job!! By the way if you havenít noticed we are occupying a country as a result of lies and fabricated fears as a result of the Republican Administration. 4000 American soldier deaths are attributed to the Republican leadership. Hydrogen is abundant in the form of water, it takes more energy to split the hydrogen atom from the oxygen atom using electrolysis than the burning of hydrogen produces. Where do you think we are going to get all this energy to make the hydrogen? We will have to burn more coal or oil, or commit to huge arrays of solar cells, windmills, or nuclear reactors in order to shift to a hydrogen society. We do need to stop using so much oil, drilling is only delaying the inevitable (allowing a new well today will put gas in your tank 5-10 years down the line), we canít stop India and China from using 10% more each year. Recycle as part of your normal daily routine and you wonít be spending extra trips just to recycle, this issue is to protect the planet, not to put cash in your pocket, seems you have a greedy mindset. Recycling is about others not about you. I spend about 3 hours a year to recycle all household, paper, magazines, glass, aluminum, plastic, and plant waste. We are ďOne nation under godĒ, I donít think god gives a flip if you are from the north or the south. Treat each other with respect and look forward not backwards.

ē I canít believe that someone would take the time to write such a ridiculous letter regarding the differences of the North and South. This lady actually thinks people care about her opinions or differences. Get over yourself. Why donít you start listing the negative differences in the unique races of the people here in Knoxville? Of course not, it would not be politically correct or right, so why do you think what you are doing is any different? Unless you are pure native American you are from somewhere else. Get over it! We are all Americans have you forgotten? All our sons and daughters are fighting in our military to keep us and our land safe and secure. Northerners and Southerners are working beside each other (nurses, doctors, lab technicians etc.) in our hospitals to make us well or make us comfortable as we die or bring life into this world. If you donít like people coming from different areas of the country to our land and yes, it is our land no matter where you started your life, then go reside in another country where your freedom is limited and you will be returning quickly to your Northern and Southern neighbors and kiss the ground and thank God for being an American (not a Southerner). There are so many other important issues to discuss and worry about than the gentle Southerners and the tyranny of the Northerners. We have children starving not far from where you live. More and more you see people just like you and me living in their cars that used to live in subdivisions like Mallard Bay, because they lost their jobs and now are trying to stay alive and find at least one meal a day. Children being abused right next door to you or attending the school your children attend. Letís start loving each other and embracing the differences in each of us that is what makes this country the great and wonderful free place that it is. My family came from Europe 120 year ago and were very different. But the cultural differences that they brought with them is what has built this Country and has made it wonderful place to reside. The Bible teachings are to be kind and accept one another and help one another and not be so critical. Apparently by your comments, you are a Southerner as I am, but you are not living your life on biblical terms by your letter, otherwise you would have never written the letter. When I lend a helping hand at a car accident, or open the door for the elderly lady struggling with a walker or offer my neighbor a prayer and a meal after a loved one has died, I donít ask them are you a Northerner or Southerner before helping. This has been very sad reading such ignorance week after week. Shame on all of you. Love and embrace all of us no matter if you are Northerner, Southerner, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian etc.


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