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FLP Shops boast ‘modern’ look
Starbucks slated as one of three tenants at Campbell Station/Parkside site

Modern architecture could be making a rare appearance in Farragut, and Farragut Municipal Planning Commission members weighed in with differing opinions.

While Commission unanimously approved a site plan for FLP Shops — which is set to include a Starbucks as part of its three-tenant, 1.21-acre complex at 600 N. Campbell Station Road at the corner with Parkside Drive — they noted Commissioner “suggestions” of style changes.

Others expressed approval of the stucco-, brick- and glass-dominated complex.

“I like the fact that this is a unique type of building … a kind of a California statement, it adds some excitement,” Commission-er Connie Rutenber said about the design, inspired by the wife of John Turley, developer/managing partner with Farragut Land Partners/Turkey Creek Land Partners. “I appreciate the ingenuity and creativeness that you are presenting to us.”

Commissioner Bob Edlund generally agreed with Rutenber, saying it would be a refreshing change from “a lot of cookie cutter” developments along the Parkside Drive area, adding the modern design is “certainly different, a very good accent piece.”

The building’s north side wall — designed entirely with gray stucco and glass — drew the biggest specific response. Mostly negative.

“The blank gray wall does nothing for me,” Commissioner Ed St. Clair said, drawing laughs with the added comment that it reminded him of “the jail building in Blount County.”

However, “Other than that, everything else looks fine,” St. Clair added.

Mayor W. Edward “Eddy” Ford III, garnered laughter when comparing the north side to “a mausoleum,” then hinted of his dislike for “modern” architecture by making light of one “modern” home in an otherwise traditional series of homes in a subdivision he recently visited.

With the other three sides of the complex including some degree of brick, Commissioner Carol Evans said the complex could use “antique brick” on the north side as a “unifying theme” with the rest of the complex.

Robert “Bob” Hill, FMPC chairman, said he’s “never been a fan of modern buildings,” and also suggested using brick “to integrate a lot better with surrounding buildings.”

Robert “Bob” Leonard, attorney representing the developers and former Farragut mayor, labeled it “a remarkably nice design.”

The complex is said to include a salon and spa and restaurant. Entrances and exits would face Campbell Station Road.

Other business included:

• During Citizens’ Forum, Paul Barrett, Sonya Drive, requested the town help subdivisions lacking “legal resources to update covenants” to enforce landscaping violations within subdivisions. Barrett said there’s no other recourse, “other than taking our neighbor to court to correct a minor problem” for homeowners association violations.

Ford labeled it “an interesting suggestion,” adding that Town attorney Tom Hale would need to investigate, but doubted Farragut could become “a policing agent” to address covenant violations through warnings and/or fines should they also violate Town ordinances.

Ruth Hawk, community development director, said the Town currently enforces it’s Property Maintenance Code ordinance that includes violations such as “rubbish or trash” where “rodent infestation” is a potential. But issues involving “dirt” are currently not addressed “unless it’s creating an erosion control problem.”

• Ford announced he has reappointed Commissioners Rita Holladay, Ron Honken and St. Clair prior to expiration of their two-year terms May 30. Ford said each has been a “major contributor” and have “served with



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