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FHS road access nixed

Members of the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission nixed talk about a connector road to Farragut High School during its meeting Thursday, July 17, at Town Hall.

Development of a preliminary plat for about 15 acres located on the north side of Kingston Pike between North Fork Turkey Creek and Farragut High School resumes after a decision by Commission members not allowing a connection to FHS driveways and to allow a full-access entrance on Kingston Pike to the proposed complex.

Ruth Viergutz Hawk, town of Farragut’s community development director, said, “They are proposing this to be a public road. The road location is at the only real possible location on this piece of property. It is almost exactly centered between the Phillips 66 driveway and the Brooklawn Street, Kingston Pike intersection. The property runs from the high school entrance to Kingston Pike.

“Because of the improvements to Campbell Station Road, T-DOT is actually purchasing a part of that high school entrance road and will be making improvements to it. They will be adding a turn lane to that road so that vehicles exiting that high school entrance so that you can turn north bound or south bound and also an entrance into it. Now the option is for there to be a connection to the high school road,” she added.

Attorney Robert H. Leonard, former town of Farragut mayor, spoke on behalf of the applicant, H. Craig Allen.

“If Mr. Allen were here he would tell you himself that he does not want a through road or a connection with the high school entrance that would be used as a through road and a short cut from Kingston Pike to the high school,” he said.

“Having had three high schoolers at one time myself, it doesn’t make much difference what you tell them as to what they can and cannot do. If it is there, they are going to do what is convenient.

“Maybe using that as a service road is what he was planning on doing, to serve the large tract in the back, but he did not want something that would be a public road that the public could use to cut through in case there was a back up, right through his property and the buildings that he intends to build,” he added.

Farragut Mayor W. Edward “Eddy” Ford III cautioned FMPC about entertaining the idea of connection to FHS.

“We have had several potential developers for the site to the north of the entrance to the high school propose subdivision development. In each case the Town has went to the high school and went to Knox County Schools and asked if that development could tie into the entrance to the high school. In each case the School Board representative and the high school were very emphatic that they did not want access onto their road.

“I would suggest that any idea of making a public road going all the way to that entrance into the high school road is purely inappropriate and not desired by Knox County Schools or Farragut High School,” he said.

The Board agreed to a cul-de-sac concept for the complex, eliminating the possibility of a connection to FHS.

Hawk said that decision, in her opinion, limited the traffic flow option to a full-access entrance.

“Realistically if you want to have a right in and right out the only way you could do that and still have adequate access to and from the site would be to tie it to the high school entrance.

“From a staff perspective, I don’t think the Town should create a right-in right-out situation when it is a dead end street. The only feasible time to do that is when the street goes through to another connection,” she added.

The Board voted unanimously to allow a full-access entrance.

The preliminary plat will be presented at the August FMPC meeting.


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