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Town leaders roll out ‘development manual’

The Farragut Municipal Planning Commission unanimously agreed on a preliminary “Town of Farragut Development Manual” at its monthly meeting held Thursday, July 17, at town Hall.

Mayor W. Edward “Eddy” Ford III said, “We are reviewing this in the user community so over the next month folks will be given the opportunity to come to Town Hall if they are in the engineering business or in the development business and review this manual and provide comments for when we meet again in August.”

In 2005 the Development Review Process and Evaluation Committee made a recommendation that a manual be developed to clarify the complexity of the development process within the town of Farragut.

Local Planning Assistance Office was asked to develop the manual.

LPAO representative Sheryl Ely was on hand at the meeting to explain the manual.

“What we have done over the last year is work with the [Town] staff to identify your regulations, your policies and procedures and kind of do an inventory of those, put them together and then look at how your development process really works, as well as simplify it and give important tips and advice to any development personnel or any of the development community as to how to develop within your Town,” she said.

“As you go through it you will notice that it is repetitive. It is repetitive by design. The reason for that is if someone comes in and they want to only look at subdivision regulations and not look at the site-plan process, they have the option of only looking at that and not going through the whole manual.

“You will also realize that what we did not want to do is reproduce your regulations. In the purpose of the manual we clearly state that. It is to be used as a companion document to your original and existing regulations and ordinances, not to replace them,” Ely added.

The manual includes sections on what to do before deciding to develop in Farragut, subdivision plat approval, site disturbance and development plans, special zoning districts, rezoning and text amendments and the zoning appeal process.

It also includes copies of applications, applicant checklists, and a contact list to assist with approval of permits, development reviews and the installation of public utility services.

A few changes in wording were made at the suggestion of Committee members, but overall the document was accepted.

The Committee urges developers and engineers to note this manual is not a one-stop document and Farragut Municipal Code, Farragut Zoning Ordinance, Farragut Subdivision Regulations and adopted building codes will all need to be adhered to.

“No matter how many times you say it, it seems like we still seem to get almost 100 percent incomplete plans,” Bob Hill, FMPC chairman, said.

FMPC member Bob Edlund, who was on the Development Review Process and Evaluation Committee when the manual was suggested said, “I think this is an excellent document. I think it really hits home to the recommendation that came out of the committee.”

Committee member Ron Honken agreed.

“I know this was not the intent, but as a relatively new planning commissioner, looking through this, this is virtually the notes that we took when we sat upstairs with Ruth and Darryl [Smith, town engineer] and Gary [Palmer, associate town administrator], when they were so gracious to share their time. This will be a big help to future planning commissioners as well,” he added.

The manual will be available for review in Town Hall and, once the final document has been approved, will be uploaded onto the Town’s Web site at


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