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• Via e-mail: I would just like to comment on the hand-held flags that were passed out for our town’s 4th of July parade. I am a 4th generation military veteran and I was overcome with emotion when I saw the words ‘Made in China’ printed on every flag that was handed out to celebrate the sacrifices that have been and are being made by our brave veterans. Shame on whoever was in charge of that could you purchase American flags from a communist country and not even notice or care when you saw the huge typeface printed right on the stick holding the flag? Where is your respect for those who have fought and those who continue to fight today?

• Via e-mail: I would like to have you put this in the press talk please. I don’t wish to have my name or my son’s name in the paper since we do not know who did this. On June 10 my 13 year old son was visiting friends in the Walnut Grove subdivision. They were walking along the road and heard a truck coming. They moved to the grass for the truck to pass. The truck swerved toward the boys and hit my son. The truck drove away without stopping. My son has a broken arm and had to have surgery. I am asking this be posted in the paper so residents can be aware in Walnut Grove. The truck was a white F150 with tool boxes in the back. If anyone in the subdivision sees a truck that fits this description, please get the license plate and report it to the Knox County Sheriff’s department. I don’t want this to happen to another child. This type of thing should not be happening in our neighborhoods. Thank you for your time and help in this matter.

• I can’t believe what I just saw: [two local] stores just raised the price of gas 10 cents a gallon. This comes the same day news media reports are that the price per barrel of oil has dropped, the most recent drop and biggest drop in the last couple of months. How does this happen? I’ll tell you what needs to be done: there needs to be an immediate investigation into these local profiteering folks and how we can reduce these costs to make them more in line with what it cost to produce this oil and gas. We also need to start taxing these companies’ profits and put that toward an immediate investigation into new sources of energy. I disagree with the caller in last week’s presstalk: oil and gas is not the future of this country, it’s in our past. The sooner we focus on coming up with alternative sources of energy the better off we’re all going to be.

• This is response to the woman who wrote in last week all wound up about the differences that exist in her mind between southern and northern cultures. I’m not surprised that she felt uncomfortable during the few times she lived in northern states, given her arrogant and holier than thou attitude. Bottom line: ma’am, get a life.

• I, too want to thank Fox Den Golf and Country Club for the fireworks. We enjoy them every year and they deserve to be publicly thanked.

• I’m calling about the speed limits on Kingston Pike, in particular in the stretch of road between Lovell Road and Campbell Station Road. I have seen cars going in excess of probably 60 mph in that stretch. I’ve been going the speed limit, it’s 40 to 45, and then passed like I am just sitting still. There’s so many businesses there with Turkey Creek, there’s a lot more traffic there. When school’s in session you have Farragut High School there. And those speeds are just ridiculous. It is amazing to me that no one has gotten killed. I am really hoping that law enforcement, be it the Knox County Sheriff’s department or the Knoxville Police Department, will start enforcing the speed limit there. They could write tickets all day, it is so horrible the situation that we’re faced with there. And one day we’re going to have someone killed. So slow down. The way gas prices are now anyway, your jack rabbit starts are costing you a lot of money. Drive the speed limit, be careful and watch out. God knows we don’t want some children killed by some maniac.

• This is in regard to the discussion of the property down on McFee Road for various venues. It would be a neat idea to possibly incorporate a senior center with a new YMCA. Downtown Knoxville has the O’Connor Center, which is a beautiful facility for seniors and it’s located right next to the beautiful YMCA. I believe they have an inside pool and exercise area and everything open for everyone. And joining the ballfields and the walking trails and that beautiful pastoral setting on McFee Road, it would be such a neat place to bring all sorts of families together, grandparents, aunts and uncles, little kids, young people, old people. Maybe incorporate picnic areas around the senior center, then you could have your ballfields, attend a ballgame, go on the walking trails. We ride bicycles down there all the time. This would be another recreational, fun place and beneficial to everyone, promoting outside activity and health and physical activity, mental activity. This maybe needs to be addressed at a town meeting, and I do plan to get together with some people and possibly present this to the town of Farragut.

• I would like to know why U-turns are allowed on Northshore in front of Kroger? There are cars turning out of Lakeside Center, and out of Kroger’s and the bank area as well as drivers on the inside lanes. I drive past this intersection daily and frequently see near-miss accidents. Also, when cars and trucks are angled to make a turn, others go around them partially on another lane to beat the light. This is dangerous. Please put up a no U-turn sign before an accident happens and someone is seriously hurt.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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