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Powell Acres residents voice concerns

Residents of Powell Acres subdivision, off Ida Hertzler Lane, may see an end to concerns over traffic into and out of their subdivision.

Residents contacted Alderman Tom Rosseel when it was announced the building, which previously housed NAPA, had been sold to a carpet and flooring company in hopes that the curb off Kingston Pike could be lengthened to alleviate dangerous turns onto Ida Hertzler Lane.

Brian Roche, a resident of Powell Acres, said, “If you turn in off Kingston Pike, the Art and Frame Gallery would be to your left and the old NAPA building would be to your right. When you look at the curb that goes down to the Art and Frame Gallery, it runs down about 100 feet off Kingston Pike. The curb that runs down next to the NAPA building runs about 15 feet off of Kingston Pike.”

Both Roche and resident Richard Cawood said the issue was with NAPA employees and customers who used Ida Hertzler Lane as an extension of NAPA’s parking lot with no regard for traffic coming onto or off of the street.

“They would stop to make a sharp turn into the NAPA building, or they would come out from the NAPA parking lot and cut across to get to the entrance to our neighborhood to get out.

When you are trying to turn off the pike and you have cars on your tail, or like me, I have a boat and trailer, so I have two vehicles trying to turn at one time and you are getting your tail end stuck out on the pike,” Roche said.

“It is very dangerous. I am 42 and I am the youngest one in the neighborhood. A lot of them have kids that I went to high school with at Farragut so a lot of their driving skills aren’t very honed. So their reaction time is very slow, so if you are trying to pull in there it is really dangerous,” he added.

Roche said all they are asking is for the Town to lengthen the curb.

“We spoke to Tom Rosseel and he said they were grandfathered in and the town of Farragut couldn’t do anything about it unless the building ever sold,” he added.

Darryl Smith, Town engineer, said none of the residents have spoken to him about the problem but that he will look into it.

“It is not a good layout. (Pictured right). It is a good point. I will certainly look at it. I am not sure what can be done, but I will certainly look at it.

“I will talk with Tom Rosseel and see what the issues are, but if I remember right that building is really close and you feel like you are in their parking lot when you turn on to Ida Hertzler. I will see what we can do,” he added.

Cawood said, “I think all in all we are really pleased to see NAPA go and someone else come. It is almost bound to be a better neighbor.”

He said if he could ask one thing of the new company it would be to “just acknowledge that it is a street, even if it is one with very little traffic. Frequently you do not have time to renegotiate your decision when you are turning onto or off of Kingston Pike, you have to move.”


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