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letter to the editor
Reader chides Board members

I cannot believe the irresponsible behavior demonstrated by three members of the Town Board.

First they make a deal for the Seal property to be purchased by the town of Farragut without Board approval, to be given to the County Board of Education with a school to be constructed on it in 5-6 years to resolve an overcrowding problem today. The deal is for $1.3 million, 25 percent higher than the $1.05 million appraisal for the property in todayís down market!

That is like giving away 25 percent of someone elseís money.

Surely they checked with the County education department first to make sure they would accept such a deal. They would not.

Surely they would negotiate for a price that is not 25 percent above appraised value. No they would not.

It is not their money. It is our Townís money. This is nothing less than poor judgment.

Now they want to buy the Seal property for $1.3 million still for any use. Why is their judgment so poor about wanting to pay 25 percent more than the appraisal, when other landowners are volunteering to sell their land to the Town?

What are these three Board members getting out of this outrageous deal for too high a price?

This really doesnít smell right. One wonders about judgment and ethics. One would expect that with multiple land offers to the Town, the Town would refuse to consider such an overpriced land, and would negotiate for the best deal. With a five-member Board, they have majority.

Why donít we have these three Board members pay the amount above the appraised value from their own pockets?

The three: Rosseel is a PhD, Williams is an MD, LaMarche is a retired nurse. These are very smart people. Donít know Rosseel or LaMarche, but I spoke to John Williams many times, and I wonder why he was involved in pushing for the excessive $1.3 million price. Am I wrong about them? Or, are we seeing the symptoms of a more important game in the making, where some individual ego driven goals override what is right for us, the people and businesses of our town? Is running for mayor next year that important for someone? You decide. Just remember this at voting time.

Vic Spencer



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