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• Via e-mail: The farragutpress is usually in my mailbox and I do enjoy it. I noticed an article on whether or not the community is interested in having a Costco in the West Knoxville area. YES YES YES. My daughter (adult) and I both are in favor, as well as a good friend. That’s three votes for YES.

• Yes, we would love to see a Costco in this area. We had one when we lived in Florida and loved it. It is far, far better than Sam's. We are bulk buyers and miss some of the brands and stuff that Costco had. Personally, I would like to see some competition in this area. We vote yes, yes, yes.

• While the topic of the Farragut water supply is in the spotlight, I want to add an objective perspective to the public ear. I don’t agree with the original opinion in July 3 issue, complaining based on flavor and the belief that the water company employees drink bottled water. However, even though our water supply does meet federal standards, my family has a filter system on our drinking water for the most important reason that we have a toddler in the house and the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a statement in November 2007 that infants under age 1 (which I choose to generalize to family members of all ages) should not drink fluoridated water. And with the analysis of 50-plus years of collected data showing that ingested fluoride has little to no effect on the health of teeth, instead posing the risk of metal toxicity in my developing child, I want to encourage the people of Farragut to do their research and write to First Utility requesting this stop being added. Fluoridation is optional, and Farragut can opt against this cost-raising dangerous additive. Mothers who don’t breastfeed and can’t afford fluoride free water for formula aren’t able to follow the AAP recommendation and risk high levels of fluoride in their babies, fluorosis and a myriad of other common illnesses in children.

• Oil companies have been trying for years to get us to allow them to go drilling in places that are cheaper for them and give them exclusive access to the oil they would find. If we allow that, we are playing right into their hands. Who wants to increase the oil companies’ profits? Raise your hands. If we allow oil to be drilled in places that have been protected for a reason, we are robbing Peter to pay Paul. In addition, we are eliminating incentives for “energy companies” to research alternative energy sources. That is the real answer for the future, something other than oil and gas. And oil companies are the ones with the deep pockets that should be paying for the alternatives.

• Last week the southwest portion of Knox County experienced another power outage. LCUB trucks were dispatched to the area and I couldn’t help but notice that three trucks were trying to make their way down Choto Road and were being held up by a lone bicyclist, who passed several areas where he could have pulled over, but wouldn’t. It appears his recreation was more important than restoring power to people trying to get to work.

• I’m making this call as a pet lover and a responsible, concerned citizen of Farragut. I love my animals. I take excellent care of them and my husband and I take steps to make sure that our animals are friendly, fairly well-behaved and definitely spoiled rotten — but that no one ever needs to fear them. When somebody deliberately brings an aggressive animal into a residential neighborhood, this is a recipe for disaster. Any breed can be made aggressive, especially through neglect and abuse. Some breeds are more likely to become aggressive than others because they were bred that way. Over the past several days I have been witness to … an aggressive dog that has attacked another dog, and when the owner calls it and it finally comes back they have viciously beat and kicked this dog. The only thing this does is reinforce and increase more aggressive behavior because when the dog comes back and these people were kicking and beating it, in its mind the reason it was being beaten and kicked was because it came when it [was] called. At that point it had no idea it was because it had gotten loose again because these people are not responsible about keeping the dog contained. And, to a great degree, this is their fault the dog is aggressive. We need to get our elected officials in Knox County and Farragut to put tougher laws on the books so that Animal Control and the Sheriff’s Department can do their job to protect and serve. I, please, urge everyone to start calling and writing and making a noise to let them know we will not tolerate dangerous, aggressive animals running loose in our neighborhoods. Someone is going to die, whether it’s a dog, a cat or a child.

• No to additional oil drilling. The person who wrote, raving that “yes, oil must be our future” based on what other countries are doing. The United States should be an example of what is the right thing to do. We don’t define the future as only how long we’re going to be here. What about your children, your children’s children, your children’s, children’s children? What about the environment, what about the quality of our air and our water and our health? There are alternatives — there is not just one alternative. There will be good alternatives if we will just spend our money looking for them rather than allowing the oil companies to line their pockets further and not help us look for these alternatives.

• [Recently], President [George W.] Bush [III] lifted the Executive Order banning off-shore drilling. The next day, prices dropped 10 percent. Then, they dropped another six percent. The only thing blocking even lower oil prices is the Democratic Party. Democrats in Congress won’t even allow a vote on more drilling even though 75 percent of Americans support it. Instead, the Democrats are going off on vacation without doing anything. Maybe they don’t have to pay for their gas, they probably charge it to the taxpayer along with everything else. Two million Americans have signed the “Drill Now” petition on the Internet. And still, the Democrats controlling our government won’t listen. Maybe we can send them a message in November? Since they are not doing their jobs, they might as well not come back.

• I saw in the paper about the Costco. I want to lend my support to it. I would love to have a Costco here, close.

• Why must a white pick-up truck with a town of Farragut logo on it persist to removing [Randy] Tyree for Sheriff signs from private properties? Is this democracy?

• I’m calling about the Costco signs. The Costco in Farragut would be a great addition to our town. I hope that it will be considered and get the ball going on it.

• I am responding to the [through the lens] in the farragutpress [about] Costco. Absolutely, definitely, positively yes. We want a Costco here in Knoxville, it will help boost the economy. I myself travel to Nashville twice a month to shop for the excellent deals, bargains. The employees are wonderful. It would boost our economy, help bring jobs into Knoxville and keep the revenue in Knoxville instead of Nashville. Yes, yes, yes on Costco.

• I am very interested in the write-up about Costco. Yes, I’m very interested in them coming. I have been e-mailing them for years that we need them, and we need that kind of competition between grocery stores and warehouse stores so that customers can benefit from good things and good prices.

• We want Costco in our area. I need to know where can I come and find it? I don’t have e-mail.

• I just want to let you know about the whole Costco thing. We think Costco is wonderful. We used to live in California, and it was by far a better store, we think, than Sam’s. They have so many more member benefits that are usable and they are wonderful to their employees. They have really good employee benefits. I also think that the quality of the merchandise is a higher quality. And we are really hoping everything goes through and we get a Costco here.

• This is to vote to have Costco coming into our area.

• I live in the Farragut area, are we’re experiencing frequent power outages. It kinda feels like we’re in a Third World country here. I know LCUB is a monopoly and I’m sure they could care less about customer satisfaction. So it’s our problem I guess. You know, if an electric utility cannot maintain power one would have to say that they’ve failed totally. I mean, after all, what else do they have to do? I’d like to see a public response from LCUB, first apologizing for their clear incompetence and then telling us how they’re going to fix this problem. If there is no response from LCUB, in other words if they ignore us again, then, I guess, bottom line is it just proves my point.

• Yes, I do want a Costco in Knoxville. I’ve been waiting for about 18 years. It would be a good asset for the community because I really believe that they handle better merchandise than Sam’s.

• I live in Knoxville, saw you [Through the Lens] about Costco; I love Costco and I was their member out West before I moved to Knoxville some 20 years ago. Was a member of Costco for about 25 years or so. Once you shop Costco you’ll never go back to Sam’s, that how good they are. And I’m surprised when I moved here that there wasn’t a Costco.

• I don’t have a college degree but I always appreciate a little spell check. In this week’s Though the Lens, “opinion” has two p’s instead of one. I think that’s wrong. Put spell check from now on, boys.

• I’m calling in reference to the possibility of a Costco coming to Farragut. I’m definitely in favor of the Costco. I’ve lived in California and shopped at Costco for many years, and it definitely would be a big improvement to our community. And the people of Farragut and the county of Knox deserve a Costco.

• This is in regards to the Costco in Farragut. I absolutely would support a Costco. I think we need a bulk place where we can buy pieces in bulk. We used to have one in Fredericksburg, Va., where we used to live, and it’s extremely popular and it would give a little bit of competition to Sam’s. And it would also be closer here in Farragut, so I absolutely would support it.

• I’m calling regarding the [Through the Lens] that you have about Costco. We’d love to have a Costco close to the restaurant. … We are 100 percent in favor of Costco.

• Costco would be a wonderful addition to the Farragut community. I have always enjoyed the Costco experience as the quality of merchandise offered is of higher quality than some found in similar stores. So, yes, bring on Costco in West Knox County and while they’re at it, a Macy’s wouldn’t be a bad addition too.


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