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• I’m calling in reference to the comment about the dog that was aggressive and the owner was viciously beating and kicking his dog. I also think something should be done about that. And if we stand by and watch that happen and do nothing, we’re as guilty as he is. We should report anyone we see that viciously mistreats any animal; I don’t care who you are.

• [Concerning Costco], I would like to say that I am very interested in having that store here. I think it would be to our benefit. ... In Farragut, it would save us from going to Sam’s. I will approve of that.

• As someone who has lost their family to horrible acts of violence, I would like to offer some advice and suggestions to our community to deal with the tragedy and aftermath of the murders at the Unitarian Church on Kingston Pike. ... First of all, please, please, please do not walk up to any of the victims and tell them you know how they feel. Unless you were there, unless you have lost a loved one to violence, you don’t know how they feel. You can sympathize, but you cannot empathize. Be honest with your feelings. If this scares ... you, fine, it should. But don’t avoid the people that you know that are the victims of this horrible tragedy because it scares them. Let them know it confuses and scares you. Let them know that you are thinking about them and care about them. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking face-to-face, drop them a little note on a card. Leave a message on their answering machine while they’re at work that says, “Hi, just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you. My prayers and my heart are with you.” And please, whatever you do, do not ask them questions, do not grill them about what went on. They have enough on their mind and on their hearts right now without having to relive that nightmare over and over again. Because trust me, the way our criminal justice system works, that nightmare is going to be a part of them for years to come. Be compassionate, be considerate, be thoughtful. Think how you would like to be treated if you were the one standing, that had been standing there, that Sunday morning or if it was one of your friends’ family, co-workers or neighbors.

• I live in Farragut and I would love to see a Costco come to Knoxville. I patronize them out in Dallas every time I go out there, and I dearly love the store. And I’ve talked to all my neighbors about it.

• This is about wanting Costco in the area, and I definitely would like to see them here in Knoxville. I hear they are very good and are preferable to Sam’s, so I would encourage them locating in the Knoxville area.

• I’m calling to request consideration for a sidewalk extending from Canton Hollow Road to Concord Road, which encompasses Woody Road and Loop Road. I see multiple children, adults trying to walk, people trying to ride their bicycles on this very curvy, narrow road. It is extremely dangerous. My husband and I walk and ride bicycles, and we have to get in our car to get close to a bike path in Farragut, or a sidewalk simply just to walk. I would appreciate the town of Farragut considering this. If not the town of Farragut, will you please contact Knox County or send it to a department that could make a decision. I appreciate your help.

• The Democratic candidate for president has said that gas may hit $12 a gallon, but his party still opposes new drilling. The Demo-crats actually want the price of gas to go up so we will be forced to use more expensive alternatives. The problem is, I don’t have a solar car or one that runs off wind. The only solution that works is to increase the supply of oil by opening up those areas where lots of oil is known to exist. In my opinion, the only reason why Democratic politicians oppose drilling is that they’ve been paid off with contributions from the alternative energy lobby.

• You can rack up another vote for Costco. Hopefully it helps.

• I’d like to just see if I can get someone else’s comments on the lack of police in the Farragut area. I know we have police officers but mainly they sit behind Kroger and I don’t know what they do, it just seems like they’re always sitting back there while our banks are getting robbed. I just wanted to hear anybody else’s ideas. I’d see in the paper where someone had commented that if you want to rob a bank or a store, come to Farragut. So I’m just kinda curious if anybody’s heard even anything from KCSO about what they might do because it doesn’t seem like I’m getting any response out of them.

• Via e-mail: In the past I have had the opportunity to shop at Costco, and I would welcome one here! I do prefer it to Sam’s as I feel they offer more items of better quality and still have good prices. The produce, bakery and in-store prepared meals are excellent, and they have broad choices of other food items as well. Also, they have an array of non-food goods, and always have a nice selection of seasonal items. Costco has something called roadshow items where they bring in special promotions such as designer purses at great prices. From time-to-time coupons are sent out to members for good discounts on selected items in various departments. Another service is online shopping where larger items that are not in the store are available. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Costco will pick our community as a place to build as I’m sure they will be well received!

 • Via e-mail: I, like everyone in our community, our state, and our country, was saddened and horrified by the events of Sunday morning at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church. The senseless shootings and killings seem to bring out the best in all of us. Our hearts and prayers were there for these families, whether we knew them or not, but to find out they were Farragut neighbors hit even harder. ... I came up with the idea of giving a gift basket to the girls with free coupons with things to do, and goodies to eat, donated by establishments in our community. I was overcome with the generosity of every business I contacted ... .

• Via e-mail: The caller who wrote to complain about fluoridation of our drinking water and the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics should check their sources of information. The AAP supports fluoridation of drinking water to foster improved dental health in children from 6 month to 16 years. I think the previous caller has misinterpreted the recent recommendation from this group is that fluoride supplements are unnecessary for ages “if” the municipal water supply is adequately fluoridated. That last clause makes all the difference.

• Via e-mail: About the only thing Vic Spencer got right in his weird letter is that Aldermen [Dorothy “Dot”] LaMarche, [Thomas] Rosseel, and [Dr. John] Williams are smart. Smart enough to invest in quality land.  Poor old Vic couldn’t even remember that his buddy, Eddy Ford, also voted to buy the land.

• Via e-mail: ... We need manufacturing jobs. Scientific jobs. Not more parttime low pay retail jobs.

• Via e-mail: In response to the article in the July 31 presstalk dealing with oil companies, the question was posed: “Who wants to increase the oil companies’ profits? Raise your hands.” Mine is raised. Not particularly that I want them to make more, but in recognition that they are not the problem. The record shows that oil companies earn 7 percent profit on a $4 [per] gallon of gas, which amounts to only 28 cents. If they were to give up all of their profit, that gallon would still cost $3.72 — hardly a bargain. However, the average combination of state and federal tax is around 36 cents per gallon. With our politicians drooling over 36 percent of each gallon, does it surprise you that they are not anxious to help solve the problem? By not allowing drilling offshore (very expensive drilling) and in ANWR (also expensive), they are insuring continued high prices at the pump and their 36 percent windfall. By not drilling now, we are assuring that for many, many years we will be sending billions and billions of dollars to countries that hate us. We are a long way from freeing ourselves from the need for oil. There is no magic, alternative form of energy that will solve our problem short-term and we must have an oil supply until we develop the alternative sources. We are a long way from being able to power cars and trucks with windmills and solar collectors, so we need liquid fuel until we can. If we don’t get our own oil supplies, we will be paying the money to the Middle East that could be used to develop alternative energies. Politicians on one side seem to think we can solve our energy problems by conservation. Our problem is too big to solve by checking our tire pressure, getting our cars tuned up or changing the light bulbs in our houses. On the other hand, drilling alone is not the answer. We need all available forms of energy. Politicians pit us against each other depending on which side we believe, but, the answer is neither — it is both.

• The Town should show some concern, with the price of gas, and limit use of the vehicles. This includes lunch breaks. Staff should not be using Town vehicles for their lunch breaks. Re-evaluate the take home policy please. To help conserve gas and Town funds, No one should be using take home cars. If they are, do they refund the Town the cost of gas they use to and from their home each day and for personal errands they run on their lunch break?


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