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Fox offers training in-home

Becky Fox, a Michigan-turned-Knoxville resident, offers her clients in-home personal training and outdoor group fitness classes.

“I do in-home personal training, and basically, I give them one-on-one instruction for fitness and nutrition and help them to reach their goal, whether it’s weight loss or increasing their muscle mass or energy,” Fox said.

“It’s good because it’s convenient for them: they don’t have to spend gas money; they don’t have to go anywhere and I bring all the equipment,” she added.

Because Fox is an in-home trainer, her hours are scheduled around the times her clients are free to train.

“I have clients early in the morning and clients late at night,” she said.

“I take them all times of the day, and if that gets to be too much for me, I hope to hire other trainers. I do want to expand,” she added.

Each personal training session is individualized for the client.

“Each person is going to be different. I have to sit down with them and talk about what their goals are, what they want to accomplish and maybe what they like to do.

“It’s really based on that particular person. There is some overlap, but someone who just wants to get stronger is going to be a lot different than someone who wants to lose weight,” Fox said.

The time each client has to devote to training and diet also determines what the session looks like.

In addition to personal training, Fox offers a group fitness class, which she calls an “outdoor fitness boot camp.”

“The outdoor boot camp is more of a group-based class so it’s with a group of people. Basically, we just work out in the park,” Fox said, adding that much of the workout involves cardio exercise or portable equipment such as medicine balls.

Fox has not always been a trainer. In fact, she has a degree in psychology.

“But I started working out in the field and discovered it wasn’t really a good fit for me,” she said.

After a personal training session at a local gym, Fox sought certification in personal training. After “a lot of studying and learning,” Fox was certified through American Counsel of Exercise in personal training and group fitness.

“Now I’ve been doing that for probably a year-and-a-half, but you keep learning. It’s not like you learn it and you know what you’re doing; you’ve got to keep learning, keep updating on the research, because things are always changing,” Fox said.

For more information, call Fox Fitness at 865-243-5361.


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