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Northshore conditions need addressing

Yesterday, my coaching staff witnessed and assisted in a terrible accident by The Cove. Luckily, my team happened to be practicing at the time and also a former KPD officer is one of my assistant coaches.

The accident involved a mother and her two daughters and the mini-van they were in flipped and given the traffic back up, it was hard and difficult for response and luckily we were able to get the mother and daughters free from hanging upside down in the vehicle.

My concern is many parents and kids travel that road every day, mostly part of my organization. The accident was due to a slight drop off of the road and the mom tried to pull the vehicle back on the road and the state of the concrete caused her to blow a tire and flip. I know some expansion is going on and I am hopeful it will expand further because the accident yesterday showed that there is a problem that needs to be addressed with that tight, two-lane area of that road. I think it is noteworthy to look into this short-coming and address it with the community.

The only saving grace to yesterday was that mom was buckled in, and also mom and dad had enough sense to know how to properly put car seats in a car. That saved three lives yesterday. But the road has issues the town of Farragut and County need to address.

Brad Burkett

CBFO Commissioner

LCUB ‘convenience fee’


I would like to know why LCUB charges a $4 “convenience fee” for utility bill payment made over the Internet.

Since this fee applies to direct transfers from bank accounts as well as credit card transactions it is obviously not related to fees charged by credit card companies.

One utility, located in Florida, reported that “in person transactions” (i.e., those made in one of their offices) cost $2.74 per transaction while payments over the Internet cost $0.22 (yes - 22 cents!) to process.

It appears that LCUB is trying to make money on transaction processing instead of utility resales.

Apparently Wamplers isn’t the only one being screwed.

With gas prices the way they are, LCUB should be facilitating Internet payments, not penalizing them!

Art Palmer



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