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• Via e-mail: This is regard in to The Cove area of Northshore. I think it would be a good idea to have a turn lane so that people could get to the possible venues of going to the ballgame or to The Cove. We went there [recently]. It was very congested. Also, maybe a water feature such as geyser would really be a neat thing for Farragut to think about doing at the new Farragut town center, instead of just a water feature like a fountain or something. We took our grandchildren to three of them located at the World’s Fair Park and also in Knox County Park, and it was a big hit. The one up at Calhoun’s at Volunteer Landing. And maybe something like that could be looked at. It’s very inexpensive according to the man at the World’s Fair Park area that I talked to. And also, sidewalks need to be added at Old Colony Road at Village Green down Campbell Station [Road] to Grigsby Chapel [Road]. That would be from the library down to Grigsby Chapel. This would help parents and children going to and from school. And it’s very dangerous through there.

• Via e-mail: I think Northshore should have a speed limit downed and should be widened, and I don’t really care if it takes a over portion of the baseball field. Aug. 26, 2006, my son was run off Northshore and airlifted to UT hospital; and Nov. 18, 2006, my husband was hit head-on on the bridge by Concord Park by somebody going 70 mph. My husband was seriously hurt and so was my son, so we all know too well how dangerous Northshore is. Yes, there should be a stop sign to the entrance to The Cove. It should a 25 mph speed limit, and whatever else the state can do to slow people down on Northshore.

• [Recently] I went to the Post Office in Farragut to mail one package. I was gone for 45 minutes. It took me approximately 15 to drive round-trip, 30 minutes I stood in the Post Office. This was in the afternoon around 3:30. I was No. 11 in line; there were two clerks when I walked in. All of a sudden the one lady that was a clerk disappeared and was gone for 20 minutes, leaving one gentleman to manage everyone in line. I was just wondering if anyone else has had any problems with this or not. She finally reappeared and we did finally get out of there. But this is absolutely ridiculous.

• As a resident of Farragut Commons subdivision I find it interesting that on page 7 of the farragutpress edition of Aug. 14 there’s an ad for TDS for bundled broadband phone and TV service. Now I live in Farragut Commons, and [company] installed their fiber-optic cable here almost two years ago and guess what? We cannot get the bundled services, including the television services. It’s seems like they are perfectly willing to connect it to freestanding houses but to no multiple-unit dwellings in the town of Farragut. Still haven’t gotten a straight answer. It was news to the homeowners association here and no one has been able to answer my question. I wish that the farragutpress would look into this.

• I agree with all those Aug. 14 callers who [inaudible] Farra-gut town officials to do a drive-thru of Derby Chase, Belleaire and Shiloh. Moreover I think every Farragut homeowner should do this drive-thru. This could happen to every one of your nice subdivisions. Watch for the first seemingly harmless signs of invasions. The damage to the residents of Shiloh, Derby Chase and Belleaire is permanent, no matter what the end result of the project will be.

• No question, the Northshore strip through Concord Park needs to safer. There are lots of kids and lots of people coming to use the park. And we need them to be careful.

• The problem with Northshore Drive is that people drive entirely too fast. I have been passed on blind curves with double-yellow lines by people in SUVs with kids on board. I have seen people on motorcycles flying down the road. Another problem is the recreation that has been built along the road. The Cove has events that attract far more people than the road can handle and the ball fields are the same. The ball fields have entirely too many people who have to race to get to practice or a game with little regard for others’ safety. If you widen the road; then people will just drive faster. Look at Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road. The solution is more police patrols and one of these officers actually writing a ticket. I don’t think I have ever seen someone pulled over in Farragut on Kingston Pike getting a ticket.

• The traffic situation on Northshore from The Cove to Choto Road definitely needs attention. My family lives in this area and we have witnessed numerous accidents and near misses for both motor vehicles and pedestrians in that area. The road there is unforgiving for even the most seasoned drivers with absolutely no shoulders, steep drops off the road and a blind hill as Northshore approaches Choto Road. Young drivers do not have the expertise or experience to maneuver quickly or safely in these conditions. The August edition of Reader’s Digest had an article regarding teen drivers and cited Tennessee as having “good” driving laws in place but still ranked in the top 10 states for teen deaths due to motor vehicle accidents. Our roads are killers. On several occasions we have been stopped on Northshore for a car turning onto Choto, or for an accident at that intersection, only to be nearly rear ended by high speed drivers coming over the hill heading west. Northshore needs to be widened, shoulders need to be put into place and grids placed on the road to slow down drivers approaching The Cove and Choto Road. And then there are cell phones ... .

• Regarding widening Northshore near the Cove park: Northshore is a dangerous road mostly because it’s narrow, two-laned and most people exceed the speed limit. We moved out past Cove park nine years ago and I don’t know how many accidents there have been, but I know two times in one year I had to turn around because large trucks had turned over just west of Cove Park and blocked the road and it was caused by the narrow pavement and lack of a shoulder. Has anyone checked to see if the state has a plan to widen this road in the near future?

• In response to the Aug. 14 edition of “Through the Lens,” how about another roundabout?

• In regards to the dangers on Northshore Drive—I have serious concerns about the safety of the drivers that travel this road and feel this needs to be addressed quickly before anyone else gets hurt. On Aug. 11, I contacted John Sexton (traffic engineer of Knox County Sheriff’s Dept.) to share my concerns after witnessing an accident the day before where an SUV had flipped over. If this had been an isolated incident, I wouldn’t have made the call. However, it was only a few weeks ago that I drove by another vehicle flipped over, and not long before that another incident where a car went off the road into the Prater Farm. These are only the “recent” events that I witnessed and I imagine there are plenty more. The bus that takes my/our children to school also had two accidents last year (the side mirror being torn off and the glass from the window shattering onto a few students). This accident was caused by the bus and truck not having enough room on the road. Last year I was behind an SUV that got side-swiped down a narrow portion of Northshore...the pieces of their side window flew into my windshield with such force I thought my own windshield was going to bust. John Sexton did call me back to inform me there are no plans for addressing that section of Northshore Drive until 2030! He checked on the accident reports and it was determined that the accidents are “driver errors.” In my opinion, this is a situation of drivers having “no room for error” as this stretch has no shoulder—forcing you into the ditch or the other vehicle. I’m sure there are situations where the drivers may be at fault, but the road conditions are making these accidents even more dangerous.

• Often times I make an effort to avoid going down Northshore and end up taking the long way around underneath the railroad tracks. Unfortunately the buses carrying our children have no choice but to take the Northshore route. With west Knoxville continuing to grow (i.e. more subdivisions being built adding more residents in which to share the road, large construction trucks, boaters all along Northshore, etc.) — this problem is only going to get worse unless something is done. For the future safety of our community, widening of the road and adding guard rails is a necessity that should be implemented ASAP.

• Via e-mail: Yes, I believe that that road is a priority to see a change. There are many boats being trailered, construction vehicles and school buses traveling on this very narrow road. When two are traveling in opposite directions, something has got to give. It should be widened or at least have guard rails. Also, the area at The Cove and the baseball fields is very congested. It should have a stop sign or flashing light and cross-walk to and from The Cove to the fields.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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