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Town releases recommended ‘Planting list’

The Visual Resources Review Board has released a recommended plant list for the use of developers and homeowners in Farragut.

The list specifies plants that grow well in the area and climate, and also include plants that are harmful or invasive and are not recommended for planting.

“This is really good because citizens, we use this. It helps developers when we’re talking about buffer strips and planting in general as to what is recommended and what does well in this area,” said Community Development Director Ruth Hawk.

Recommended canopy trees include American arborvitae, green giant arborvitae, green ash, bald cyress, American beech, black tupelo or blackgum, deodar cedar, red cedar, cryptomeria, dawn redwood, elm (allee and bosque), gingko, goldenraintree, Carolina hemlock, American holly, honeylocust, American hornbeam, southern magnolia, red maple, sugar maple, nuttall oak, overcup oak, red oak, shingle oak, shumard oak, white oak, willow oak, river birch, sourwood, spruce, sweet gum, sycamore, tulip poplar, yellowwood and zelcova.

Recom-mended understory trees include southern blackhaw, viburnum blackhaw, red buckeye, ornamental cherry, crape myrtle, devilwood, flowering dogwood, kousa dogwood, fringe tree, winter king hawthorn, foster holly, Nellie R. Stevens holly, little gem magnolia, saucer magnolia, star magnolia, sweetbay magnolia, amur maple, Japanese maple, redbud, serviceberry, Carolina silverbell and witch hazel.

Recommended shrubs include: common alder, azalea, bladdernut, highbush blueberry, bottlebrush buckeye, chokeberry, goldstem dogwood, red twig dogwood, silky dogwood, American filbert, burford holly, inkberry holly, oakleaf hydrangea, wild hydrangea, indigo bush, mountain laurel, loropetalum, common mockorange, ninebark, rhododendron, possumhaw, spicebush, fragrant sumac, sweet pepperbush, sweetshrub, Virginia sweetspire, arrowwood viburnum, leatherleaf viburnum, mapleleaf viburnum, withered viburnum, Southern wax-myrtle and winterberry.

The not recommended tree list includes: boxelder, Bradford pear, catalpa, cottonwood, gingko (female), Kentucky coffee tree, Leyland cypress, black locust, Norway maple, silver maple, mimosa, mulberry, pin oak, Osage orange, Eastern white pine, loblolly pine, Virginia pine, hybrid poplar, Lombardy tree, princess tree, sumac, sweet gum (seeded) tree of heaven and willows.

The complete list of plants and reasons for inclusion or non-inclusion can be found at the town of Farragut’s Web site,


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