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Del Mar’s Baja Mexican opens

Del Mar’s Baja Mexican opened Monday, July 7, in Campbell Station Center.

Del Mar’s, formerly Taco Del Mar’s, specializes in made-to-order burritos, and is famous for its Mondo Burrito, weighing more than a pound.

“We specialize in mission-style burritos, and we also have other Mexican choices such as enchiladas, taco salads, tacos, dinner platters and quesadillas,” said Joddi Thomley, Del Mar’s master developer.

“We’re more of a fast-casual [restaurant] than a fast food,” Thomley said.

“This is a concept out of Seattle; they mastered it after the baja peninsula area’s fish tacos … and there was really nothing like it here,” said Margaret Dean, a franchisee investor.

“That’s why here: we thought it could make a new or fill a new niche,” she added, explaining why she and husband, Dean, and partner, Thomas Sweeden, chose to open Del Mar’s in Farragut.

“I think that the Farragut area is a hot area for growth and I just like the area. I like the look of it,” Thomley said.

“It’s very quaint and very pretty,” she added.

“I know that the town of Farragut itself is a bear to work with … they’re very picky, but also, that’s not always a bad thing because they keep it looking the way they want it to look, which is nice,” Thomley said.

“I feel like Farragut has welcomed us with open arms,” she added.

“This is the third store in the state of Tennessee and we are having the highest numbers right now,” Dean said of Farragut’s response to the restaurant.

Dean said the success of Del Mar’s in Farragut will determine future plans for the Knoxville franchise.

“If Farragut loves and supports us, then our goal would be to do this again and to have more stores,” Dean said.

The restaurant has somewhat mistakenly been labeled a Taco Del Mar’s, which is the former name of the franchise.

“The company Taco Del Mar had been in business for over 10 years, and they did a little research and found they probably needed a name change,” Thomley said.

“So they dropped the taco and went with Del Mar’s. So as they pop up, they’re going to be Del Mar’s,” she added, although already existing franchises may keep the “Taco” in the name.

There are Taco Del Mar’s in Sweetwater and Morristown, but this is the first Del Mar’s to open in Tennessee.

Thomley advised customers to keep an ear out for grand-opening specials.

“We usually wait between four to six to eight weeks after we’ve opened so that we can make sure that our staff is trained properly,” Thomley said.

For more information, call 865-675-3727.


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