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New sewer line installed at FHS

First Utility District and Knox County have teamed up to help solve Farragut High School’s football stadium plumbing problems.

Historically, as reported by farragutpress, the toilets in the women’s restroom on the home side have backed up, and even overflowed, during halftime of home football games.

The plumbing, it seemed, was simply unable to keep up with the volume.

Following farragutpress interviews with FHS principal Michael Reynolds and FUD spokesman Wayne Watson and subsequent stories, the plumbing tie-in to a main sewer line was discovered off Lendon Welch Way and the line was scoped, revealing no obstructions.

However, First Utility continued to seek solutions to the problem.

“We did a little work up there at the Farragut football stadium … we provided some materials and the County is doing the work. We’re trying to get whatever improvements made that we can,” Watson said in a phone message about FUD’s work Wednes-day and Thursday, Aug. 20 and 21.

“First Utility and Knox County maintenance have joined forces and shared in using each other’s equipment and really came together,” Reynolds said.

“They were very gracious in providing people to work with our maintenance people,” he added.

“[They] made some adjustments in the water flow going to the bathroom and also replaced some piping to increase the slope.

“So short of going in and tearing up concrete, or anything of that nature, they’ve done as much as is humanly possible,” he added.

“We are very pleased with the combined effort and what’s been done to try to tackle this problem,” Reynolds said.

According to Reynolds, Knox County maintenance had a plumber on call for the first home game, and Knox County Schools supplied 10 port-a-potties for the home side and three for the visitor’s side to handle the crowd.

“I think this is just outstanding. A joint effort to tackle a long-standing problem,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds believes the hopefully fully operational bathrooms coincide with the dedication of the newly renovated stadium. The stadium will be dedicated at the home football game versus Beard-en, Sept. 12.

“We hope to have a really nice event,” he said.


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