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Town staff unveils ‘developer manual’

Farragut Municipal Planning Commission approved the town of Farragut Development Manual at its meeting, Thursday, Aug. 21.

The manual is a “tutor” for residential and commercial developers, said Town Community Development Director Ruth Hawk.

It is designed to make understanding the process of developing in Farragut a little easier.

“Basically, it just spells out the processes … it gives you a good breakdown of ‘these are the things you need to know,’” Hawk said.

The table of contents is divided into six sections: “Before You Develop in Farragut,” “Subdivis-ion Plat Approval,” “Site Disturbance and Development Plans,” “Special Zoning Districts,” “Rezonings and Text Amendments” and “Zoning Appeal Process.”

“This will help give you a better idea of the process you go through if you’re going through a rezoning; this will help you if you’re going through the process of getting a subdivision plat approved. This will help you in the process to understand what you need to do if you’re getting a Board of Zoning Appeals approval,” Hawk said.

“It’s just telling you, ‘This is how you go through this process.’

“In essence, it’s a cheat sheet … It’s verbatim from our regulations, but it is a summary of our regulations,” she added.

The manual was put together by Local Planning Office, a state office with which the Town is in contract.

“They went through all our regulations and they put it together based on our regulations,” Hawk said.

Hawk made clear the manual does not replace any TOF rules or regulations.

“This does not replace anything; it does not change any of our rules. It doesn’t do anything like that.

“It’s a cheat sheet, but it doesn’t change any of our rules. It just further explains them. The key is, you still have to read it,” she added.

The manual will be available to anyone who wants it.

“It will be placed online once it has been approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen,” Hawk said.


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