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• Via e-mail: The situation at the Farragut post office has gone from bad to worse. I was there last Thursday in the morning and there were about 10 customers in line. At the time, only two windows were occupied by a postal worker and those two workers were in an argument with the supervisor who was berating them in front of all of us. I was embarrassed for the postal workers being reprimanded in public. Eventually, all three left the front area and disappeared into the back. Another postal worker came up front to take care of us. The supervisor came back out without the other two workers and totally ignored the fact that were waiting in an ever increasing line to be served. He could not have possibly cared less. There are four windows there for use, but I have yet to see all windows occupied at this very busy post office. Rarely have I seen three windows occupied. Our postal rates keep increasing, but the service has diminished.

• Via e-mail: I am responding to the post office complaint dated Aug. 21. I also believe that the post office wait is ridiculous. We don’t even live in Farragut, but live up near Westland and Pellissippi so [I] don’t know why Cedar Bluff would not be our post office instead of Farragut. But a few weeks back there was a package containing photos that the carrier did not leave at my house. He/She left a note saying that I would have to pick it up at the Farragut post office. I had my note and my visit should have been less than five minutes, but was in there for 30 minutes. All the clerk had to do, once my turn finally came, was walk in the back and pick up my package. There were only two clerks and someone had brought in many small packages to be mailed individually, so one of the two clerks was tied up with that person the entire time I was in there. That only left one clerk for all of us and the line was out the door. I just don’t get it. Just like we are wondering where the Wheel Tax money is going (certainly not to the schools as advertised when that scam was approved). Could someone explain why postage continues to go up but the service continues to decline?

• Via e-mail: Am I the only person who sees danger in driving in the turn lanes? When making a left turn, you should wait until the yellow or white line has a break in it before getting over. People drive from Village Green Shopping Center to Campbell Station Road in the turn lane in the mornings. If you want to turn left onto Campbell Station Road, you have to hope some of these people will be nice and let you in at the proper place. I’ve also seen students get in the left turn lane at the Phillips 66 station and drive all the way to the entrance of the high school across from Kroger. This is dangerous. Parents, you need to teach your kids how to drive, or put them in a drivers’ education class. If you don’t think kids drive foolishly when you aren’t looking, maybe you should look.

• Via e-mail: In regards to the dangers on Northshore Drive — I have serious concerns about the safety of the drivers that travel this road and feel this needs to be addressed quickly before anyone else gets hurt. On Aug. 11, I contacted John Sexton (traffic engineer of Knox County Sheriff’s Office) to share my concerns after witnessing an accident the day before where an SUV had flipped over. If this had been an isolated incident, I wouldn’t have made the call. However, it was only a few weeks ago that I drove by another vehicle [that] flipped over, and not long before that another incident where a car went off the road into the Prater Farm. These are only the “recent” events that I witnessed and I imagine there are plenty more. The bus that takes my/our children to school also had two accidents last year (the side mirror being torn off and the glass from the window shattering onto a few students). This accident was caused by the bus and truck not having enough room on the road. Last year I was behind an SUV that got side-swiped down a narrow portion of Northshore ... the pieces of their side window flew into my windshield with such force I thought my own windshield was going to bust. John Sexton did call me back to inform me there are no plans for addressing that section of Northshore Drive until 2030. He checked on the accident reports and it was determined that the accidents are “driver errors.” In my opinion, this is a situation of drivers having “no room for error” as this stretch has no shoulder — forcing you into the ditch or the other vehicle. I’m sure there are situations where the drivers may be at fault, but the road conditions are making these accidents even more dangerous.

• The Democrats have repeated, over and over, that quote: “We can’t drill our way out of the energy crisis.” They said that oil companies already have 68 million acres and shouldn’t have anymore to drill. Now, all of a sudden, they’ve decided to introduce a bill to give oil companies millions of acres for offshore drilling. [Barack] Obama, who opposed new drilling last month, now supports new drilling. [Speaker of the House Nancy] Pelosi, who closed down Congress to stop drilling, now plans to hold a vote to allow more drilling. Apparently there’s no one left who opposes more drilling. So why did the Democrats hold it up for so long?

• The upcoming presidential election has got to be one of the most confusing and frustrating in the history of our country. Personally, I’m not happy with either candidate. I think it is an insult to the American people by both parties, that they’ve taken so long to choose running-mates. At this point in time I’m not happy with either candidate and I don’t really feel confident in either candidate. A lot of my choice as to who I’m going to vote for between now and November is going to depend on who their running-mate is and what they show their mettle to be, the presidential and the vice presidential candidate, between now and then. Sometimes in the past I haven’t so much voted for a candidate as against the other one. And it looks like this time I may not be able to even do that. I’m beginning to feel like neither candidate is worth America supporting. And by the time November rolls around, if I still feel like that, I think I’m going to write my own name in as a write-in candidate as a protest vote because, after all, that is our right as American citizens to do a write-in ballot. So, by the time November rolls around [and] you’re not happy with either candidate, don’t vote a party line, don’t just vote to vote. Vote your conscience, vote for yourself.

• The new red-light cameras that are going to be installed in Farragut by Redflex is [sic] violating the rights of the Farragut people. Emergencies like what happened [last] week at Central High. Severe rear-end collisions will make the city of Farragut and Redflex wide open for severe lawsuits. People needing to get somewhere in a hurry are getting rear-ended. This is being pushed by Mayor [W. Edward “Eddy”] Ford [III] for the money they can get, or collect, from poor people and Redflex. Let’s let him know by voting him out of office when he tries to run again for mayor. Red-light cameras have already frightened many Farragut people and all the older drivers wanting to fight this. ... Let’s look at the horrible thing that happened at Central High School [last] week. Could it have been prevented? Who took the Ten Commandments out of our schools? And prayer? At this time they could have been praying or reading the Ten Commandments. They used to have chapel in schools. What happened to this? They opened chapel with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, prayer and the week’s events.

Editor’s Note: Why not protest the placing of red-light cameras by not running red lights and thus keeping the Town from generating revenue? Prayer and the Ten Commandments were taken out of schools by representatives elected by a majority of voters.

• I’m calling in response to the publication about the post office and the long wait that a woman experienced there [presstalk submission, Aug. 21 issue]. I happen to work in a retail setting with the public, and occasionally you do have to wait a little bit longer. Maybe that poor lady behind the desk had to use the bathroom, so give it a break.

• I was disappointed, and almost a little disgusted, after reading the article about the new retailers coming to Turkey Creek. Is it just too difficult to attract retail stores that are not already located 10-to-20-minutes away? I would love to see stores come into this shopping area that we do not already have in Knoxville. For instance, why not a Macy’s or the Costco that everyone is raving about? Instead, we get a Best Buy, JCPenney, another Belk, and a Marshall’s. Based on the size and population of Knoxville, I cannot believe that we need these duplicate locations. I think more should have been done to bring in different (and better) stores.


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