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Brooklawn Village Phase II rezoning postponed

A Farragut Municipal Planning Commission rezoning for the second phase of Brooklawn Village, the total-91-acre development on the Biddle property, was postponed until September following lengthy discussion.

Kim Ramsey, with Cannon and Cannon, Inc., and Mark Senn, co-owner of Blanchard and Calhoun Commercial, addressed the Commission regarding the unknown tenant coming in.

The developers have been very hush-hush about the next tenant, “a nice large, major tenant who wants to go in that part of the space,” Senn said.

“That’s who we’re working with and … I’ve got two people I really need to consult before we do some open space: you know, one is the owners of the property, the Biddles and … and then I need to go back to the company that’s coming in and make sure it’s OK with them,” he added.

Phase two, located on the northeast side of S. Campbell Station Road between Concord Road and Brooklawn Street, was up for rezoning from R-2 and FPD (flood plain district) to C-1 and OS-P (open space/park district).

The property contains a creek and two wetland areas, although Ramsey said the Corps of Engineers had granted permits for one area of isolated wetland, meaning it could be filled in and developed.

In addition, Senn said none of the development would extend past the aquatic buffer around the creek toward Concord Road. None of this rezoning would affect the Biddle’s horse farm, according to Community Development Director Ruth Hawk.

So Senn could speak to the as-yet-unidentified new tenant, approval of this rezoning was postponed until September.

FMPC also approved a site plan for a renovation of Regions Bank off Kingston Pike. The bank plans to build an addition to the west side of the current building.

Regions will remove some parking on the west side of the building to make room for the addition.

“They have more than adequate parking on-site,” Hawk said.

The ATM and drive-thru transaction lines will not change or be moved as part of the renovation. The roof also will be renovated.

“It’ll be a bronze roof and it will match the store front a little better and be more of a traditional look,” said a spokesman with Little John Engineering.

“We figured we could start whenever we get approval,” he added of when construction would begin.

FMPC also approved moving interior property lines for addresses 10904 to 10914 Kingston Pike for Parkview Farragut.

“The purpose of this plat is just to move some property lines very minorly … there were a couple of setback violations,” Hawk said.

FMPC approved moving the lines subject to Parkview Farragut ensuring no setbacks were violated in the final plans.

Commission amended a preliminary plat for Everett Hills, off the northwest side of Everett Road, to state: “until Everett Road, from Smith Road to the subdivision, construction is completed, only lots 1-30 and 78-96 can be platted.

“When we went through the preliminary plat for this subdivision … we didn’t know how long all the paperwork and right-of-way acquisition and negotiation and the utilities, how long that would take,” Hawk said.

“Mr. [Fred] Hagberg [developer] is moving right along with his subdivision.”

Previously, the plat stated only lots one through five and 82 through 96 could be completed until construction on Everett Road was finished.

“Basically, we were holding this as leverage to complete Everett Road. However, Everett Road is not moving as fast as everybody envisioned at that time, and he is asking that the plat note be amended,” Hawk said.

FMPC approved the amendment.

FMPC then approved a preliminary plat for parcel 131, tax map 142, located on the north side of Kingston Pike between North Fork Turkey Creek and Farragut High School.

Recently the developer, Craig Allen, has corrected 12 items of contention with Commission, including changing walking trails and handicap access.

The walking trails were changed so there were no sharp right angles, decreasing the chance of pedestrians wandering off the greenway and increasing maneuverability.

Handicap access to the walkways was changed slightly so they did not “direct people toward Kingston Pike … it’s just a wraparound,” Hawk said.

“It’s just some fine tuning of designs,” she added.

Lastly, FMPC approved the town of Farragut Development Manual.


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