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ē Via e-mail: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you John McCain. Thank you for choosing the least qualified runningmate you could possibly pick. Hooray for the former beauty queen with her bachelorís in journalism.

Iíd say eight years as mayor of a town of 5,500 and eighteen months as governor of Alaska is more than enough to qualify you for vice president and, since John McCain is already 72, probably a step in for president of the most powerful nation on earth. Also, way to be responsible in going on the campaign trail with a disabled 4-month-old baby. Good mom skills! Thank you so much John McCain because you just clinched the presidency for Barack Obama. Iím sure all Democrats would agree, you made our day!

ē Via e-mail: I was disappointed and almost a little disgusted after reading the article about the new retailers coming to Turkey Creek. Is it just too difficult to attract retail stores that are not already located 10-to-20 minutes away? I would love to see stores come into this shopping area that we do not already have in Knoxville. For instance, why not a Macyís or the Costco that everyone is raving about? Instead, we get a Best Buy, JCPenney, another Belk, and a Marshallís. Based on the size and population of Knoxville, I cannot believe that we need these duplicate locations. I think more should have been done to bring in different (and better) stores.

ē Iíd like to inform everyone who wants to donate computer equipment to a charity, please do not take it to Goodwill. I was there the other day and witnessed them throwing computer equipment that had just been dropped off into the dumpster. They have been instructed to do that. They have been told that they shouldnít take computer equipment. I donít know why. But if someone drops it off before they can stop them, they will throw it away. This is a shame, and we need to figure out what to do with our computer equipment ó but please donít leave it at Goodwill. We need to work with Goodwill to figure out a better way. This is hazardous waste, and Iím sure the person who dropped that equipment off didnít know what was going to happen to it. Itís a shame.

ē Itís Tuesday morning, Aug. 26, and itís pouring rain. The area of Campbell Station Road where the road to Village Green intersects at the traffic light, the traffic light is not working. Itís stuck on green going back and forth on Campbell Station Road and itís stuck on red for all the cars coming out of Village Green, which includes a lot of people who cut through there to drop their children off at the primary school ó even though technically theyíre not supposed to. I know. Iíve sat there for 20 minutes. I know people called the Sheriffís department to let them know there was a problem with the light. I was one of them. Why did no sheriffís cars show up to direct traffic? This is a school area. Fortunately most people were being very courteous to let people in and out. However, there were a lot of idiots who were impatient who think theyíre the only ones who have to be anywhere on time and theirs are the only lives and jobs that are important. By the time I finally got on Campbell Station Road and I went past the primary school I was shocked to see, today, there was no traffic guard. The first day of rain weíve had in ages, no traffic guard. Iíd like to know whatís going on. These are the children, these are our most precious resource yet there was nobody there to help out to protect them. That ainít right, people. ... Well, itís Wednesday morning on the 26th of August, Iím on my way to work going down Campbell Station as normal and Iíve noticed for the second day in a row that there is no traffic guard at the Farragut Primary School. And guess what, thereís a wreck today. Has this been discontinued? There has been a traffic guard there for years. Or has the traffic guard just decided not to show up for work two days in a row? I mean, we pay taxes. Part of that is going to the schools and part of that goes to help pay the salaries of people like the traffic guard. Anybody got any ideas or know whatís going on?

ē In regard to the editorís note saying that prayer and the Ten Commandments were taken out of schools by representatives elected by a majority of the voters [presstalk, Aug. 28 edition], that is incorrect. The Ten Commandments and prayer were taken out of schools by liberal judges that were not elected by a majority of voters.

Editorís Note: The liberal judges of which you speak were nominated by elected presidents and appointed ďwith the advice and consentĒ of the elected U.S. Senate ó a direct result of actions by representatives elected by the electorate.

ē I agree with many others that service at the Farragut Post Office leaves a lot to be desired. Itís very rare that I get in and out of there in under 10 minutes. A lot of times Iíve waited in line 15 to 20 minutes. Over time Iíve noticed that the processing of packages seems to slow things down a lot. I would like to suggest that they provide one window for packages only so that people only needing stamps or other business wouldnít have to wait so long. I would hope that someone in management with the Post Office would take notice of the discontent that the public has with service at this location. I remember the days when Marvin Runyon was the postmaster general. He put an emphasis on customer service. He instituted clocks with a sign that offered you a free stamp if you waited over five minutes. We need another Marvin Runyon at the helm of the Post Office.

ē Pellissippi Park, where the soccer games are played, appears to have fire ants. I hope that the officials are having extermination before games begin. Iím concerned about my small children.


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